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Views: 165 | Added by: remo | Date: 2016/July/05

JD has been banned. In a fit of complete selfishness he tried to kill the clan rather than step down. He failed. ConFed is stronger than any one person and belongs to all of us.

The website and all other accounts have been secured. The only thing that we lost was the old discord and the clantag. There is a new clantag, please see any clan officer to get the new clantag.

Likewise, we have moved to a new discord. You may join using https://discord.gg/nFytDxg

In other news, we have a new president, Shortland! Everyone please join in congratulating our new leader.



Views: 167 | Added by: remo | Date: 2016/July/04

Views: 201 | Added by: shortland | Date: 2016/April/24