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Confederation News Agency
Confederation Board
Main discussion board for all Confederation members.
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Thread: ConFed Wins CTL Season 16!
Posted by: CrunChy
Stellar News Network
Official news releases from High Command will be published here.
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Thread: New Admin
Posted by: shortland
War Room
Information on all clan wars
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Thread: Past Clan War/CTL Lineups
Posted by: IMperfectiON

United Military Command
Message board for members of CFS-Eternity. To be used for CFS-Eternity related discussion.
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Thread: Cheat Jungle Heat Untuk Andr...
Posted by: ZarnestRof
Message board for members stationed on the CSB-Vangurd II. To be used for Starbase related discussion.
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Thread: Welcome to the CSB-Vanguard ...
Posted by: mangu

Internal Operations
Promotions are to be posted here.
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Thread: Boo - Elite Enforcer - Keeper
Posted by: Sweetness1609
Awards are to be posted here.
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Thread: Peepmode Night by Toss!
Posted by: TossNoSkill
Schedule an Event
This is where you post Events to be approved. Once approved, your Event will be on our front page of the website and posted under "Events" in ConFed Community chat.
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Thread: PeeP mode with coaching 9/2 ...
Posted by: YaKaMaNiaK

More than just StarCraft
Other games discussion
Want to discuss games other than starcraft? Use this forum!
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Thread: Any csgo players in here?
Posted by: Orion

eSports Board
Want to discuss the latest trending eSports topics? Do so here!
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Thread: neeb byun and hottest player...
Posted by: IMperfectiON

Strategy Discussion
General Strategy
Please post general strategies here! Tips, tricks, explanations, or ask questions!
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Thread: Family Farm Hack Cheat Engin...
Posted by: LestiirDyeli
Terran Strategy
Discuss your favorite Terran strategies or ask questions!
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Thread: Iron Force Cheat Tool.Zip. I...
Posted by: LestiirDyeli
Zerg Strategy
Discuss your favorite Zerg strategies or ask questions!
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Thread: ZvT Why no Hydra?
Posted by: NeoParashath
Protoss Strategy
Discuss your favorite Protoss strategies or ask questions!
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Thread: LotV PvP 2gate expand
Posted by: shortland

Campaign Discussion
Anything Starcraft Campaign related goes here. Questions, Comments, Concerns, etc.
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Thread: Kerrigan`s Choice to bec...
Posted by: KinGoFBlunts
Create, share, and take part in Role-play discussions.
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Thread: telos' rant
Posted by: Telos

Help, Questions, and Suggestions
Any Clan related questions, suggestions, or support questions should be posted here.
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Thread: I think we need a new websit...
Posted by: Star
Website bugs
Please post any bugs you notice here. Typos, things not working properly, etc. Try to include a screenshot if possible.
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Thread: Roster edits
Posted by: shortland

Retired Branches
CRA Station [Archive]
Anything CRA related goes here.
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Thread: Looking to join the CRA?
Posted by: azander137
SSA [Archive]
Anything SSA related belongs here.
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Thread: Branch Retired - SSA
Posted by: Oblivion

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