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A God's Grief
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A God’s Grief
Chapter III
[Scene changes to a Forest in northern New York state, at the camp of the Hunters of Artemis]

After Nico had shadow traveled from Apollo’s palace the sun god sent a telepathic distress call to the camp of the Hunt or more explicitly to Artemis, when she heard the call the Moon Goddess nearly blew up her tent.

Artemis came running out of her pavilion and her Hunters assembled immediately sensing the goddess’s mood.

The deity’s silver eyes scans the group of girls and spots her punkish lieutenant, Thalia.

“Thalia!” barks the goddess of the hunt. Who stands front and center

“Yes Milady” Thalia answers respectfully

“Gather two of our most experienced Hunters and meet me in the clearing north of here” ordered Artemis.

Thalia bows to the goddess and quickly gathers Courtney and Phoebe and leads them to the clearing just as the Goddess of the Moon instructed upon reaching said clearing they noticed that Artemis had someone pinned to a tree her hunting knife against their throat.

Thalia glances at the individual and noticed it was a boy and she knew her leader did not approve of men. As the four got closer she could make out a male trespasser’s appearance and her heart skipped a beat; she knew that boy, long dark hair and equally dark eyes wearing a black bomber jacket with black jeans.

“Nico!” exclaimed Thalia clearly amazed to see him and here of all places.

Artemis looked at her lieutenant and back at the dark hair teen now known to be Nico.

“Nico?” The goddess said thinking aloud.

“Nico, Di Angelo?” she asked the pinned child.

“Yes.” He managed to mutter.

Artemis knew Nico Di Angelo but couldn’t remember how.

The Goddess of the Hunt released the boy and allowed him to stand and straighten himself out.

“Why are you hear Son of Hades?” The Moon Goddess asked.

“To find you, Lady Artemis” states Nico with urgency in his voice.

Artemis notices it quickly “Why what has happened?” she inquires. “Lord Apollo is in danger, Aphrodite poisoned him with miasma!”

The moment Nico said that the look in Artemis’s eyes change to one of morbid shock as it was very difficult to poison her brother due to the fact that he was the god of medicine for Zeus’s sake.

“Are you sure about this young one?” Nico nodded curtly.

Artemis eyed him for a moment then said “Thalia, we’re going to Olympus, my brother is in danger.”

Thalia nodded quietly knowing better to press her leader at this particular moment.

“Close your eyes everyone” Artemis commanded sternly and they all did so.

The Goddess of the Hunt took on her true immortal form and teleported herself along with all in the clearing disappearing in a flash of silver light. Next stop Mount Olympus.

[Scene shifts to Olympus]

When they arrive on Olympus the first thing they notice is that all the god-lings and nymphs are running amok in pure panic.

Artemis and company scan the area to find the source and soon find it as Nico shouts “Look” pointing towards the horizon when they all focus on it they notice a billowing column of greenish black smoke,

it seemed to be coming from the private palace section of Olympus; almost approximately where Apollo’s palace is located.

Artemis and Nico take off at the same time sprinting towards the sun god’s home.

Thalia and the other two Hunters quickly follow as they reach the marble white palace they noticed that Artemis had come to a dead stop her silver eyes resting on the smoldering ruins of Apollo’s palace.

Nico was sitting on the ground with the same shocked look on his face. Nico seemed to snap out of his stupor as he stood suddenly and raced towards the burning building.

Artemis also looked as if she’d come back to her senses ran and caught up with the son of Hades. The Moon Goddess sensed her brother was close and then she spotted his blonde head underneath a large pile of rubble.

“Apollo!” Artemis shouted running towards him and slid up next to him.

Nico arrived seconds afterward he knelt down

“We need to get him out of here.”

Artemis nodded and started shifting the debris, after about an hour of moving large smoldering fragments of the palace’s support system Apollo was almost free except for a large golden column that trapped the Lord of Music’s left leg beneath it.

Artemis was getting frustrated she stood up and place her hand flat against the pillar and disintegrated it, turning it into a pile of golden dust.

They pulled the sun god from the ruins they carried him to Artemis’s palace and laid the ailing Lord of Prophecy on a medical cot.

Courtney was the Hunt’s present medic so she started treating his wounds, which took about two hours which put Phoebe in a foul mood she hated men with a passion and couldn’t stand the sight of the Sun Lord or the Son of Hades but she knew to keep her mouth shut or Artemis would kill her.

After a while Courtney approach the Goddess of the Hunt

“Lady Artemis, I’ve finished treating your twin’s wounds you may see him now, just keep your voice low as he is asleep at the moment”

“Thank you Courtney you are a great credit to the Hunt” Artemis replied with full respect towards her camp’s medic.

The Hunter blushed not used to getting personal compliments form her leader.

Artemis stood and entered the chamber where Courtney treated her brother; the sight that greeted her wasn’t exactly pleasant as she noticed that Apollo’s leg was bound in a cast and elevated, various bandages and wrappings covering wounds he had sustained.

The Goddess of the Moon allowed her eyes to rake over the rest of Apollo’s form, she saw that his tanned chest was badly bruised and dried ichor stained his skin.

Artemis’s eyes then darted to a chair against the chamber’s wall which was currently occupied by the Son of Hades, the demigod was silently snoozing.

She wondered why he was here, did Nico Di Angelo have some relationship with her brother.

She decided to get the answer at another time she walks over and gently sits on the edge of the bed and looks at her brother a sad expression crosses her face.

“Apollo…how in the world did this happen” she asked herself.

Artemis’s eyes move to the large window and see light emanating from the central palace that could only mean that a council had been called; the Huntress knew she’d get answers from the assailants and then make them pay dearly.

With that thought she stood up slowly so as not to wake her brother or the slumbering demigod behind her she turned her head to make sure Nico’s eyes were closed and then scanned the rest of the chamber for any curious onlookers, she then makes uncharacteristic action, she leans down kisses her brother on his forehead before teleporting to the council chambers.

[Setting shifts to the Council chamber]

Artemis materializes in front of the doors to the throne room she takes a deep breath and pushes them open and enters.

She quickly realizes that all but two of the thrones were filled.

(Obviously hers and Apollo’s)

The Moon Goddess bows to Zeus before growing to her full godly height and taking her place upon her silver throne.
“Artemis, I wasn’t sure you were going to make it” Hera said grudgingly.

Artemis sent a death glare at the queen.

“Artemis where is Apollo, it’s not like him to be late for a meeting” Zeus asked impatiently.

The Huntress then turned to face the king of the heavens

“Father, can you not see billowing pillar of smoke in the distance” Artemis answered gesturing towards the window behind Hermes and Demeter.

Hermes and Demeter get up and rush to the window before Hermes drops his winged helm in shock.

“I thought the wood nymphs were having a bonfire” Hermes said clearly not understanding what was going on.

“The reason for Apollo’s absence is that his palace was attacked by someone.” Artemis said flatly. “According to my sources he was poisoned before the attack”

They all looked at the Huntress with disbelief.

“It would have to be someone powerful to poison the Lord of Medicine.” Poseidon said grimly the other Olympians nodded in agreement.

“Who is this source Artemis?” Aphrodite asked in her sugar-coated voice.

“The Son of Hades, Nico Di Angelo” Artemis answers.

Hades looked puzzled

“How would he know that?” the Lord of Wealth asked.

“I believe he was acting as dear Apollo’s confidant after that painful argument a few hours ago” replied Athena thoughtfully.

Artemis didn’t know that little tidbit of information it would explain why the boy was hanging around.

“Why would he do that for the brat?” Ares asked not understanding what confidant was. “Ares do you even know what a confidant is?” Poseidon asked looking at the God of War.

“A confidant is someone you can freely express your emotions to without shame.” Demeter explained “Yes like Thalia and I” Artemis elaborated a pleasant smile graced her face.

Which didn’t go unnoticed by Athena who understands immediately that the Goddess of the Hunt was happy that someone had taking a real liking to her annoying twin brother.

“Artemis did Nico say who attacked him” the Goddess of the Moon nodded “He said” she paused her silver eyes flash with anger

“It was…APHRODITE!” Artemis roars suddenly standing her silver bow in hand; she lets loose a silver arrow that zings by the Love Goddess’s head. The other Olympians were totally shocked by this turn of events.

[Line Break]
Back in Artemis’s palace, in the chamber where Apollo was resting the young son of Hades had awoken by the door opening Phoebe and Courtney had entered the room to change Apollo’s dressings.

Courtney began with the nasty cut on his chest when her skin came in contact with his the Sun God groaned faintly as his eyelids slowly opened.

“Where am I” came Apollo’s hoarse voice.

“In Lady Artemis’s palace” Courtney answered gently “Arty’s palace? Where is Artemis?” the Sun Lord inquired “In the council”

Apollo paled at that statement “Hopefully Aphrodite and Ares were smart enough to miss tonight” chuckled Apollo lightly.

The others laughed at the statement but the laughter was halted by a colossal explosion from the central palace. Apollo glances out and sees a large silver mushroom cloud rising above the council chambers.

“Oh boy, sister is pissed”

Apollo tries to get out of bed but Nico puts his hand on the god’s shoulder effectively stopping him

“Lord Apollo, you shouldn’t move your wounds will reopen” the Son of Hades says kindly.

“A confidant is a best friend and friends don’t let friends make bad decisions”

Apollo looked at him for moment and nodded; slowly leaning back into a resting position.

Courtney and Phoebe’s eyes widen watching a proud god take instructions from a half-blood. Nico proceeded to prove yet again he was different from any half-blood he’d met to date by taking a moist cloth from the bowl on the bedside table touching it to his own skin to test how warm it was; he seemed to think it was at an acceptable temperature than began to dab the gash on the sun god’s chest, cleaning it.

Phoebe was shocked to see a man who knew how to care for the wounded. Nico turned around and pulled out a corked beaker out of his black bomber jacket which was situated on the back of the chair he dozed off in.

The beaker was filled with Nectar; he carried it for emergencies because it was only toxic to demigods who ingested too much but the godly beverage could be used in small increments for medicinal purposes.

He uncorked the beaker a dribbled a little on the gash which the sun god winced but the Nectar started to work its magic slowly but surely healing the lesion. Apollo looked at Nico for a moment before speaking

“Thanks Nico…for everything” Apollo said with a small smile on his face.

Nico looked the God of Poetry in the eyes and replied “No problem it’s what friends do”

Apollo nodded

“What friends do.”

The sun god had never had an interaction like this with anyone, not even Artemis; bless her immortal soul.

[Meanwhile back in the throne room]
Aphrodite and Ares now lay unconscious from Artemis lashing out after they admitted to attacking her brother’s palace. She now sits on her throne waiting for whatever is coming next.

“Artemis was knocking them out really necessary?” Hera asked in bored tone.

The Huntress gave Hera the evil eye before responding

“They deserve worse! If it wasn’t bad enough that Ares exterminated his half-bloods but Aphrodite then attacking and poisoning Apollo…in his own home.

Hera looked stunned by her stepdaughter’s statements.

The queen of heaven was about to respond when Artemis cut her off

“And if that wasn’t appalling enough they feel the need to beat him to a pulp and destroy his palace”

The Moon Goddess stated her form glowing with silver light.

“You’re supposed to fight with honor Ares, attack an individual who is incapable of defending himself in not honorable in the least.”

Zeus was watching with amusement but then Hera said something she’d regret.

“Apollo deserved what he got if you ask me, a true punishment for the man who dare sire a child with another woman while married.”

The Marriage Goddess stated firmly.

When she made that statement there was a flash of three different lights; silver, light blue and black; Artemis, Hermes and to the surprise of the council Hades were standing front of the queen prepared to strike her Artemis had her bow notched with an arrow, Hermes staff turns into a giant cattle prod and Hades had a stygian iron sword pointed at Hera.

“Don’t you dare insult my brother in that way again Lady Hera” Artemis snarled fiercley.

“Or you’ll be subjected the pain of a thousand burning suns” threatened a gruff yet cheery voice from behind them.

The council gasps collectively as Artemis turns around to see who made the threat and her silver eyes go wide; before her stands the battered and bruised form of Apollo himself, the sun god was smiling warmly at her while she was speechless.

The Lord of Music had definitely seen better days; he was cut, scrapped and bruised all over, medical wraps could be seen beneath his golden Greek tunic but most visible of all was the cast on his left leg and the fact he was supported by crutches.

Artemis soon snaps out of her shocked state and rushes towards her brother and throws her arms around him, pulling the injured god into a bear hug but lessens her grip when she hears Apollo grunt in pain

“Oops, sorry about that Brother;

I’m just glad to see you’re all right” The Sun Lord pats Artemis gingerly on the back “Don’t worry about it Arty, I’m happy to see you too”

Artemis pulls back and takes in his appearance for the first time since he arrived and gasps

“Apollo h-how are you even in here right now?” Apollo smiles weakly “That Son of Hades is quite the friend, and it helps to be God of Medicine, I heal quicker than most”

He then puts his hand to his chest for a moment to catch his breath.

“Truth be told” the sun god continued “I shouldn’t be out of bed, but I couldn’t let you face Ares, Hera and Aphrodite on your own.”

Artemis seemed shocked but she then inspect Apollo’s body more closely and as it turned out the sunny idiot was right the Moon Goddess could tell Apollo was barely standing, looking like he could collapse at any minute.

“Arty, do you think you could help me over to my throne?” the sun god asks faintly, his head bowed confirming his weakened state.

Artemis nodded and helped her brother hobble over to his seat.

Once seated Apollo sighs happily as weight is taken off his leg as Artemis takes her throne next to his.

She keeps one eye trained on him just in case, while she trains her eye on Hera watching; The Goddess of the Hunt knew this opportunity was to ripe for the devious queen of heaven to pass up so Hera would make her move soon.

“Uncle Hades, I didn’t think you were too fond of me…why did you defend me?” Apollo inquired of the Lord of the Dead.

Hades thought about it

“Even though I live in Hell, that does not mean I wish for my son to be miserable, but keep in mind nephew that if you hurt him…I know where you live.” Hades responded coolly.

The sun god gulped audibly, having Hades as an enemy wasn’t good for anyone.

The council resumed its usual pace and Apollo quickly found himself dozing off; energy spent. Artemis noticed and stood up took her brother’s hand and teleported back to her palace where she helped him lay down on the bed in medical chamber.

Once situated on the soft surface Apollo quietly spoke

“I sent Nico home, he was exhausted from today’s events”

Artemis nodded

“Artemis, are you okay with me staying here?” Apollo asked peacefully.

The Moon Goddess’s eyes softened

“For now…yes I don’t trust Hera with you in this state” Apollo nodded in understanding. “Brother, whatever you have with the young Son of Hades keep it strong and don’t abuse it” Artemis stated gently smoothing her brothers hair.

“I must return to my Hunters, rest here for now”

With that Artemis walked out of the room and shut the door; before she left her palace the Goddess of the Hunt waved her hand and armed the security system.

“That should protect him until I return” she murmured to herself.

Artemis then turned and walked down the steps once at the bottom she turns and looks one last time at the palace, praying to the creator that Apollo remains safe; after a minute or two she turns, reveals her true form and teleports back to her camp with no idea what Hera has planned.
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