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Terran Strategy
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KawaiiRice TvP 5:30 Stim & Two Medivacs Push 1 313 remo
Posted by: shortland
Byun's LotV Banshee buiild
double gas, reaper, cloak finish @ 4:26
3 316 remo
Posted by: shortland
The Meta Update Feb. 18th 2016
Le Meta
2 181 shortland
Posted by: shortland
Hello! Looking for Terran help?
Patch 3.1.1, January 22, 2016
0 299 shortland
Posted by: shortland
Video guide for new terrans
very informative
3 234 remo
Posted by: remo
Byun's 3 rax reaper
for yachtmaster
1 244 remo
Posted by: drunkenfuryz
TvZ 2 Reactor Reaper /w variations 0 254 Yachtmaster
Posted by: Yachtmaster
Need help? 0 209 Malak
Posted by: Malak
Looking For A Opener
Terran on HoTs
2 294 KinGoFBlunts
Posted by: Malak
LotV Marine Tank Medivac
reaper expand into 6 min 2x tank drop and marine push
0 529 remo
Posted by: remo
TvZ early scouting 2 288 remo
Posted by: lDamagedl
TvZ mech
need some tips
0 311 Nazty
Posted by: MechGyver
Thinking of a switch
need some tips/builds
2 276 FallenAngel
Posted by: FallenAngel
Quick hellions.
0 277 WaR
Posted by: WaR
reaper expand stim shields timing
make the protoss qq
2 345 remo
Posted by: Gigglesmirk
TvP marauders 0 278 Nazty
Posted by: Nazty
1-1 Roach all in 6 438 IlIlIlIlIlIl
Posted by: FalseMotive
Counter to mass raven, PF, turrets and hellions? 5 762 WeiSeR
Posted by: Gigglesmirk
New favorite tvp build 3 339 Nazty
Posted by: WarMac240
Helpful terran arcade maps 9 547 WarMac
Posted by: StarTaledBOB
The Tyrannical Terran Treasure Trove
Yar a space pirates life fer me!
4 866 WarMac
Posted by: WarTankPrime
Mines 3 373 Nazty
Posted by: WarMac240
What are some basic TvP build orders?
Interested to see what they are, and their advantages.
4 565 Shadowfyre
Posted by: WarMac240
Terran vs Zerg
Double Proxy Barracks! Feeling gutsy?
9 702 CrunChy
Posted by: Terranitup
Does everyone start with wall off into CC? 2 334 Nazty
Posted by: Panda
TvZ - when to go quick 3rd CC
discussion of tvz timing in general
1 406 Voltron
Posted by: Panda
4 421 Jonathan
Posted by: ShoCKwAvE
TvT Build Orders and Discussion
Help us fight the power of Protoss
13 603 Cryptys
Posted by: SuiChoy
Builds to Scout for Terran 2 409 SuiChoy
Posted by: XLichKingX
12marine SCV All-in
Extremely powerful WOL build. (3rax)
5 454 tenshender
Posted by: Daedalus2
Innovation's Quick 3CC build
The Order, VOD and Replay
7 618 ShazamPoof
Posted by: Kora
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