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Zerg Strategy
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ZvT Why no Hydra? 17 968 FalseMotive
Posted by: NeoParashath
In-Depth build analysis of Dark's Games in GSL
Build Orders, and anaylsis, and how to use these builds.
4 231 Levande
Posted by: Adrenaline
14 hatch 13 ov 13 gas 16 pool 0 189 SunGodEffect
Posted by: SunGodEffect
ZvT 14 gas 14 pool 22 hatch at gold on Prion Terraces 0 280 remo
Posted by: remo
Zerg Coach HoTS into LoTV
Coach Recruitment
0 266 IGExDatEcho
Posted by: IGExDatEcho
LotV Zerg Builds 1 851 Doadrift
Posted by: CoolSkill
Mass Roach Build Order (ZvP) 2 312 KinGoFBlunts
Posted by: Houzi
Lotv zerg Startegy
Come Share Your AweSome new builds
0 548 Liqht
Posted by: Liqht
Basic Opener for ZvZ
easy opener
4 447 Raptor
Posted by: KoB
How to ZvP?
need some help with zvp
3 295 FallenAngel
Posted by: Doadrift
Want to try zerg
I need a zerg coach
5 360 Burn
Posted by: Damaged
ZvP 3base Roach Swarmhost (gassless opening) 0 280 Ramalez
Posted by: Ramalez
Zerg Ling Bane micro
zerglings and banelings are a huge part of early game zerg
8 581 thebaconator
ZVT (MECH) How to
How to beat that infamous mech as zerg!
11 629 FalseMotive
Posted by: FalseMotive
Simple Questions, Simple Answers!
Zerg edition
0 524 EdibleRex
Posted by: EdibleRex
My strats when playing Zerg and the general meta of it
0 369 KingofBlades
Posted by: Terranitup
swarm hosts 2 367 thebaconator
Posted by: CursOr
3 428 Raptor
Posted by: xenixerg
Questions about Zerg Vs Terran
2 446 tenshender
Posted by: BRISINGR
Zerg Spine Crawler Rush
Zerg Spine Crawler Rush
5 550 hack
Posted by: BRISINGR
Two mains strategies for ZvT
two Strats
3 384 Raptor
Posted by: BRISINGR
why is this so hard!
8 621 permd
Posted by: BRISINGR
Zerg vs. Cheese
Questions on cheeses vs. Zerg and how to counter it
5 524 boogerbank
Posted by: BRISINGR
When do bring mutas into play
2 324 thebaconator
Posted by: BRISINGR
Zerg Scouting Guide( need help)
Looking for assistance and suggestions for a Zerg scouting..
4 481 Flux
Posted by: BRISINGR
A possible answer to Skytoss
4 497 ShazamPoof
Posted by: BRISINGR
ZvZ Non-Muta Play
With some examples
9 742 tenshender
Posted by: Shuriken
Zerg vs Terran Opener 3 336 Yachtmaster
Posted by: Mezzo
Zerg vs. Zerg 1 348 Yachtmaster
Posted by: Shuriken
Zerg Builds 10 742 Gabriel
Posted by: Camysae
0 358 Jonathan
Posted by: Jonathan
Zerg Vs. Protoss
Oh noes Skytoss
7 598 tenshender
Posted by: Chase
Zerg Training
I need some help with zerg.
19 775 BHartnett
Posted by: Chase
2 Base Zergling & Baneling Bust
2 Base Zergling & Baneling Bust
1 602 hack
Posted by: GOIC
Fast Lair into Hydras
Fast Lair into Hydras
3 387 hack
Posted by: Betazero
Zerg Vs Protoss
My style
3 457 tenshender
Posted by: Aeleion
zerg guide against all comps!!!
2 381 permd
Posted by: Kool
Zerg vs Zerg Strategy
Oh no ZvZ! Muta battle mechanics/build order.
6 502 CrunChy
Posted by: XLichKingX
1 week old sc2 zerg player lf some helpful tips 0 356 permd
Posted by: klxn
Problem with Innovation's Quick 3CC build
A response to my post in the Terran Strategy Section
5 535 ShazamPoof
Posted by: Napton
Baneling / Roach Rush
Baneling / Roach Rush
0 410 hack
Posted by: hack
SorfOf ZvT 4 queen opener
Build Order
2 554 BobyGT
Posted by: DarkRain
Levocity Vs desRow live stream
I faced desRow on ladder when he was playing unranked
1 408 Paradox
Posted by: Machiavelli
ZvT aggressive strategy
3 Stage Aggression which allows for periods of expansion
3 470 tenshender
Posted by: tenshender
Interesting PvT strat
1base 3gate robo into 2base 2robo 7gate play
0 402 tenshender
Posted by: tenshender
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