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LotV PvP 2gate expand
Sweetness1609Date: Friday, 2016/June/10, 9:33 AM | Message # 1
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This is an expand build for PvP. Can be used on all maps safely. The early double Adepts allow you to scout your opponents tech and respond with the corresponding counter tech. The 2 gateways allow you to defend and push back all proxy builds.

(constant probe production unless otherwise stated)

14 Pylon
15 Gateway
Gas (@100% saturate with 3 probes)
Gas (Do not saturate with probes until 16 probes on minerals)
Cybernetics Core @100% gateway
x2 Adepts @100% Cybernetics Core
Research Warpgate @ 100% Cybernetics Core
Mothership Core [MSC]
(halt probe production at 29 supply)
Chronoboost Warpgate Research @100% MSC
x2 Stalkers @100% Adepts
x2 Sentries @100% Stalkers

(tech of choice and/or 3rd gateway) *Use your Adept scout to determine best choice

@100% Nexus continue probe production

This is a very safe build and gives you ample production to deal with proxies and aggression.

Use the first 2 Adepts for scouting and harassment. Even if your opponent is very cautious and diligent in defending his probes with a MSC and Stalkers you can still use the shades to scout his tech and keep him pinned back in his base. Eventually you will want to trade them out for probes but the scouting and map control is more important than worker kills.

Use the MSC to scout close by air positions, while the Stalkers scout close by land. You are looking for proxies specifically or a probe to build proxies. Return the MSC back to a position between the main and natural in case of Oracles or frontal assaults. Park the Stalkers and Sentries on the ramp until you can confirm your opponent is playing passively. You can always retreat back into your base and be safe as long as you have the Sentries for forcefields.

The 2nd gas is taken early because gas steals are a real thing in PvP. If you ever have the option to steal your opponents gas, STEAL IT! In this build you don't need the 2nd gas immediately, however you will eventually rally workers into it from your Nexus, (one at a time) AFTER you saturate all 8 of your mineral nodes with 16 workers. This is to optimize your gas intake and allow you to take an earlier Nexus than other expand builds.
ang3ldustDate: Sunday, 2016/June/12, 12:52 PM | Message # 2
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shortlandDate: Monday, 2016/June/13, 11:38 AM | Message # 3
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Should upload a replay too biggrin for pylon placement etc.

You've inspired me, I'll post some stuff on the Terran thread too biggrin
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