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Confederation Board
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Request Your Stream Be Added to ConFed List
Thread for requesting your Stream link be added to ConFed
22 950 shortland
Posted by: runei
Introduce yourself.
672 16038 CrunChy
Posted by: venser
Inter-Clan Contact List
For scheduling clanwars
11 683 remo
Posted by: Orion
Stream Overlay
For public use.
9 1062 CrunChy
Posted by: Kira
Reporting Bad Manner incidents.
What to do and why you should do it.
0 1254 CrunChy
Posted by: CrunChy
Forum Rules
Forum Rules
0 655 CrunChy
Posted by: CrunChy
Forum threads
Ravings of a old member 2 311 Belgarath
Posted by: GreeeeD
Our new adventure with BW: HD -- GOING BACK TO OUR ROOTS 2 1205 Orion
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Website Fixed
Sorry for the interruption
0 1134 remo
Posted by: remo
CW with Allin on Feb. 11 8PM EST 0 178 Wobulator
Posted by: Wobulator
CW with <hTx> Sunday Feb 12 5PM EST 1 125 IMperfectiON
Posted by: Wobulator
CW with XvalX Friday 27th 8 pm EST 0 112 IMperfectiON
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Hello 2 154 Orion
Posted by: Wobulator
Clan War vs Psionic Aftermath Fri Jan 13 8pmEST 0 136 IMperfectiON
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Happy Holidays!
Let's stuff more than Turkeys ;)
10 232 CrunChy
Posted by: zode
Clan War vs TeamUR Saturday December 17th 7 pm EST 0 135 IMperfectiON
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Clan War vs InGT Friday at 8 PM EST
2 Diamonds, 3 Masters/GM
0 127 Orion
Posted by: Orion
Practice events every Sunday and Wednesday nights 1 122 Orion
Posted by: Mnt
CW vs Nanaue Dec 4th 5 pm EST 2 153 IMperfectiON
Posted by: Wobulator
I am stupid and acted irrationally ... Orion 1 186 Orion
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Clan War vs GNR Saturday November 19 8 PM EST 0 129 IMperfectiON
Posted by: IMperfectiON
The Confederation-League
Team League for everyone!
15 327 Orion
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Clan War Thursday at 7 PM EST 1 130 Orion
Posted by: Sweetness1609
Clan War vs Formless Bearsloths 2 153 IMperfectiON
Posted by: TossNoSkill
Clan War vs All-Inspiration 2 153 IMperfectiON
Posted by: Mnt
Clan War vs Team Unrivaled Saturday Oct. 22nd 8 PM EST 1 161 IMperfectiON
Posted by: EasYi
Clan War Vs Nanaue Friday October 7th, at 7pm EST
Proleague Format!
5 191 Orion
Posted by: NeoParashath
Mass Unbannings 2 201 Orion
Posted by: Kira
Possible 1v1 inclan Bronze-Plat Tournament. 2 249 IMperfectiON
Posted by: Shenanigans
still here 0 169 Belgarath
Posted by: Belgarath
JDMan turns traitor
and not for the first time
7 321 remo
Posted by: Keeper-Jman
WoW Division
In regards to the new Guild
1 165 Bylander
Posted by: Thurin
Dark Society Gaming Cash Tournament Sunday August 28th
DSG Tourny
0 199 Star
Posted by: Star
Overwatch group 3 224 Amarr
Posted by: KhalDanis
Clan Changes 12 1015 shortland
Posted by: KhalDanis
Indefinite Time AFK 0 251 JJCheatah
Posted by: JJCheatah
Ez promotion ez life
3 318 Boo
Posted by: IMperfectiON
ConFed Changes 4 258 Belgarath
Posted by: Oblivion
Map requests 2 201 JJCheatah
Posted by: JJCheatah
Sacred Monk Shout out
Credit where credit is due
1 222 Justyno
Posted by: IMperfectiON
GSL 2016 Season 2 Code S
3 217 remo
Posted by: shortland
Now Playing... [ 1 2 317 18 19 ]
Post the song you are currently listening to.
544 10038 Faded
Posted by: remo
Story Update
A story has been updated
0 162 Nico
Posted by: Nico
An Honest Inquiry
Please reply to this thread
3 240 Nico
Posted by: IMperfectiON
New Post in RP
Just alerting
0 183 Nico
Posted by: Nico
ConFed Coaching Peepmodes!!!
1 205 TossNoSkill
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Recruitment Drive 6/24-7/1 2 217 Jdman
Posted by: Telos
Micro Tourney!!! by Toss
0 167 TossNoSkill
Posted by: TossNoSkill
ConFed's growth. Quality or Quantity? 17 451 IMperfectiON
Posted by: IMperfectiON
Possible Officer Position Available
need a social, active member to help manage the Vanguard.
3 322 Telos
Posted by: IMperfectiON
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