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Important: Update on the UMC
Two Month Report
2 304 Oblivion
Posted by: Oblivion
Cleveland was great!
Road trip
0 310 CrunChy
Posted by: Comit
Introducing Admiral Faded 2 337 Oblivion
Posted by: Comit
A New Captain Among our Ranks!
5 325 Faded
Posted by: Xecutor
Won't be in town for 2 days!
Just giving a heads up.
2 303 CrunChy
Posted by: Xecutor
Help a brother out! 1 332 DarkRain
Posted by: tenshender
WCS Americas S2 Group Stage #1
2 322 Machiavelli
Posted by: ShazamPoof
Be Home Soon
Zmic miss u all!!
1 299 Zmic
Posted by: CrunChy
Clan ConFed June 7, 2013 PEEP MODE/team games Streamed!
4 363 KhalDanis
Posted by: Xecutor
Important for Recruiting, Promotions, Cadet Testing. 1 337 Faded
Posted by: Oxygen
How the world has changed as ConFed has aged
From 1996-present
17 484 ZZZ
Posted by: ShazamPoof
I'm still here
2 387 tenshender
Posted by: Jdman
Looking for a gold-diamond zerg practice partner! 4 331 Lightsaga
Posted by: ShazamPoof
The List - Current Round: Protoss Units [ 1 2 ]
Forum Game
59 881 Oblivion
Posted by: DissidiaX
Spawning Pool Party 2 374 Asumata
Posted by: VoidDweller
Still waiting on Internet 3 396 Kikkoman
Posted by: Oxygen
My trip PPPL (Princeton Plasma Physics Lab)
Pictures of my trip to PPPL
4 402 Asumata
Posted by: tenshender
Important: Promotions Within the UMC 2 321 Oblivion
Posted by: Lightsaga
Join The Confederation steam group! 2 333 KiLLeR
Posted by: ShazamPoof
Middle School
5 366 ZZZ
Posted by: Xecutor
Craziest game?
What is your craziest game you have ever played?
4 355 Asumata
Posted by: Asumata
Introducing Your New UMC
Message from Fleet Admiral Oblivion
1 371 Oblivion
Posted by: VoidDweller
Hello All!!
3 319 Palaris
Posted by: Faded
Korean Cheese
Cheesy players I face on ladder
8 367 AeVeus
Posted by: CrunChy
New Forum Section - Strategy Discussion
From popular demand!
0 305 CrunChy
Posted by: CrunChy
Clan ConFed May 17, 2013 Scrimmage/PEEP MODE Streamed!
A night of good fun with great 1v1s + 1 monobattle 4v4 ^_^
5 402 KhalDanis
Posted by: Xecutor
Fleet Admiral Oblivion!
Big Promotion
1 366 CrunChy
Posted by: Oxygen
Campaign Discussion
Go check it out!!
1 332 VoidDweller
Posted by: tenshender
Where's my yacht? 4 377 KiLLeR
Posted by: MoosE
What's your food?
Favorite food.
11 339 CrunChy
Posted by: Zmic
My Formal Resignation 1 380 Jdman
Posted by: CrunChy
Best Bane Bust 5 392 AeVeus
Posted by: tenshender
Do You Want To Make An Impact On The Confederation?
0 459 Oblivion
Posted by: Oblivion
Pro Tip To Prevent Further Mishaps From Occuring
*Not related to Sc2*
3 361 ZZZ
Posted by: ZZZ
WCS America Kicks Off 2013 Season 1 Premier Group Play!
0 332 KhalDanis
Posted by: Xecutor
What Happened To This Ship?
An Old One...
6 376 ZZZ
Posted by: KiLLeR
Youngest President In ConFed History?
3 398 ZZZ
Posted by: KiLLeR
HOTS - DreamHack Open Stockholm 2013 - WCS Premier EU
Live now!
1 331 KhalDanis
Posted by: CrunChy
Quick Question
3 387 ZZZ
Posted by: CrunChy
Boston Marathon
6 359 VoidDweller
Posted by: Bon
Bon's new blog
This is a demand.
3 361 Bon
Posted by: Bon
Clan ConFed PEEP MODE Streamed!
Join the fun in this hilarious and weird series of VODs!
2 374 KhalDanis
Posted by: Xecutor
Looking for exceptionally skilled graphic artist.
Graphic Design
4 413 CrunChy
Posted by: CrunChy
Game starts at 1hr 38 min mark
2 348 KhalDanis
Posted by: Xecutor
some question about my zerg game (silver player WoL) 3 372 SpitZ
Posted by: VoidDweller
Global Timing Map and Terran Economic Equations
Tips for all three races
2 337 QuantumLimit
Posted by: VoidDweller
Transfer of Power on the CFS-Saratoga
Captain Faded!
3 331 Oblivion
Posted by: Xecutor
Hi guys ;) [ 1 2 ] 38 1019 Ducky
Posted by: MoosE
Better Protoss Unit Composition?
Protoss strategy
2 351 ZZZ
Posted by: Xecutor
PvP Strategy
The Answer To SkyToss! At least in Gold League...
6 371 ZZZ
Posted by: Xecutor
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