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Annoucement: Dry Dock - Retrofit and Repair
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Thursday, February 12th, 2015
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As everyone ought already be aware, LotV comes out November 10th. I don't know about ya'll but I'm pretty damn excited!

LotV is going to center around the Protoss' fight to reclaim their homeworld Aiur. This is going to be an epic battle and they are going to need all the allies they can get. If anyone hasn't seen the Reclamation trailer, here it is:

In preparation for this upcoming battle we are recalling The Confederation's ships for retrofit and repair. They have accumulated a lot of battle damage over HotS, crewman killed and officers lost. We want to be as prepared as possible for the future and that means a large push for modernization and reorganization.

As of today the ships are pulling into the drydock in orbit around XT39323 and crewmen are being transferred to the orbital space station for some well deserved rest and recreation. This will be reflected on the rosters with all crewmen being listed under the drydock group.

Over the next few weeks we will assess the battle damage to each ship and determine what repairs and upgrades need to happen. Not every hull may be salvageable. We may even build an entirely new ship or two. These decisions have not yet been made and we will make an announcement closer to the release of LotV.

We also need to shuffle around officers. There is going to be a competition where Captain candidates can demonstrate their valor and commitment to The Confederation. Preference will be given to members with prior command experience but the decision will ultimately be based on merit and not nepotism. Old officers and new members alike are encouraged to join the competition. If you are interested in serving as a Captain, please see the thread on the forums.

Official ship relaunch will occur when LotV comes out. Until then I encourage all of our players to enjoy the rest, practice their skills in the new game and get hyped. Clan wars and events will continue as normal. We are looking at the dawn of a new day for the game and the clan.

En Taro Adun!


President Remo
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