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Guild activity today
JustynoDate: Wednesday, 2015/December/30, 8:16 PM | Message # 1
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Today was the first day since I joined that I took part in some guild activity. It was a lot of fun. I encourage other guild members to spark up conversations with one another. Seems it can snowball rather quickly.

I would like to thank, Orion, Warlord, Telos, Pheo, Straferun, Sniper, Yenfu and anyone involved today for the fun games and input they offered on my play.

Side note: my in game is Jpocalypse, in TS I'm Justyno so sorry to confuse anyone.
EZWarlordzDate: Thursday, 2015/December/31, 8:51 AM | Message # 2
Saturday, February 7th, 2015
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You got it brother.

TelosDate: Saturday, 2016/January/02, 4:37 AM | Message # 3
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
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Thanks for joining and adding to our blob of activity!

And yes, you're right. All it takes is one little "sup guys" in the community chat, and others will respond, forming a convo which leads to a party, etc. etc. Wanna know how the first Arcade Night of the past few weeks happened? Like this:

Orion trolling as always. I've engaged w him and debait balance, troll back. I guess it's like flirting.
One morning, he hops on, we chat, he asks for warm-up 3v3 before he hits ladder.
I agree. Another comes on and asks to be 3rd. We agree.
Party forms. Game ends, 5-6 users in channel now. We form party. Community Chat increases. TS server use is reccommended and announced to be used.
10 users are on now and more coming online due to seeing that others are on and active and playing.
We form immediate Arcade event.

What started as a 3-man party at 1PM became a 9-16 man event by 4:30PM - 7:15. Activity can boom based off who sees who chatting, so don't only utilize TS server, but keep Community Chat active as well since that's our main door to the public/where we recruit/invite people to join us.

It's a phenomenon and everyone is invited to help motivate + inspires boosts in activity like this! Beat them war drums! ConFed is back on the map! Soon we will compete at a crispy level for impressive results and content the whole clan can come together to watch! Until then, glhf all!
IMperfectiONDate: Saturday, 2016/January/02, 7:27 PM | Message # 4
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Your Welcome smile
Feel free to ask me for a game if you see me online in sc2 I'm mostly available weekdays 3:20-4:30 pm pst

The Golden Armada awaits
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