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Inactivity :(
IMperfectiONDate: Monday, 2016/January/11, 7:02 PM | Message # 1
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Hi guys U may know me as IMperfectiON in game I just recently joined Confed a few weeks ago (less than a month I think)

The purpose of posting this was to notify you guys why I'm being and going to be inactive for a while (hopefully going to be active again @ the start of Feb). Since it would be a dick move to join a clan be active for like a few days then be inactive for a long time. Now I'm being inactive because my HS semester 1 finals are @ the end of this month with an Eng 10 Finals(10%)+the province's(20%) (I live in Canada) mandatory exam 4 Gr.10. Then a Math Pre-Cal Finals worth 20%
(DICK Teacher) and the Math provincial's as well worth 20%. Giving me a grand total of 70% worth of marks to worry about.

While I do have that to worry about I have bought a copy of LOTV during the weekend (yay!)
But I do have some questions if any of you have bought a hard copy of the game
. Why is there a Disc 1 and 2?
. Do I really need to install both of the discs or can I just use the keycode?

Anyways thx in advance I'll try my best to keep up with events and I'll see you guys once the tests are done GL HF
PS: Best of luck to you Remo hope you can find some peace.

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NeonFireDate: Monday, 2016/January/11, 7:12 PM | Message # 2
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
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If you can download it with decent internet speed do that

i didnt have any issues with install but alot of people do

disc 2 has a purpose but i forget completely what it is, all i know is i needed it randomly like two weeks later

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FadedDate: Tuesday, 2016/January/12, 10:55 AM | Message # 3
Tuesday, February 12th, 2015
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Just install everything that came with the hard copy, I bought a hard copy myself but can't remember specifics on the disk contents. Installing from CD is faster than downloading from battle.net.


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