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Incoming Transmission
Kontagi0nDate: Wednesday, 2016/January/13, 3:58 AM | Message # 1
Friday, February 13th, 2015
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I was asked to post this on behalf of Telos, due to his Internet tubes being clogged.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not
necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of the U.S. government Kontagion.

Telos For President 1/13/2016

You may be thinking...
Criteria for a good president is being a good leader, experience, dedication, and maturity to handle the responsibility. Well, a President really is one who can work best with balancing the needs/demands of the clan's ambitions, distributing ranks/responsibilities as they see fit, and making sure there is no unfair abuse of power or tyrannical indulgence on favoring one group or several individuals. However, allowing the clan to speak for itself is something a good leader uses to make his own decisions, rather than doing what HE thinks is right.

As President, I promise I will be a neutral position in delegating roles and carrying wishes from the majority of the clan's wishes; as well as consensus from High Command decisions. I will empower the clan body to override my decisions by proposing ideas like petitions, votings on important issues, and enforce policies that encourage people to contribute to the clan financially, with attention, ideas, and will use the rank system to delegate responsibilities to those willing to take them. Also, inspiring ConFed to participate in events, create agenda is an important factory in how long we can last, for we're a community, and we should always have things going on with members to help, KeepeRs to coach, Officers to delegate, and newcommers to give all members a reason to utilize their ranks' duties. And rather than the rewards being promotions to positions with more stressful responsibilities (this detterred ppl in the past to want to accept promotions)..we can reward members by giving THEM what THEY want, as long as they meet the criteria that is required in order for that demand to be met; and we, your clanmates, should always help that person achieve their goal.
We will simply move toward a system where members are rewarded by merit, activity, and contribution to the clan, and ultimately approved by a vote from those with ranks higher than the one who's promotion is being considered.
Surmised by the majority vote ordered in by the Officers, High Command, or council-like body that governs ConFed, which can override a President's decision if enough votes override it. Even so, I will always stand by what the clan majority wants, but that clan majority opinion must be concluded by the majority decision of the body in control of the clan's administrative functions, and not the majority decision by the member total in general; which can still petition and gain attention to be considered for a possible change.
Clan ranks must serve purpose, and while we plan to simplify ranks (retire some ranks, but use what is necessary), there will be an order of administrative privledges that must be re-considered before the next President is elected. Any disputes between the values of Officer vote values and non-Officer vote values can be figured out and sorted out at a later time, but these decisions now are mainly going to commence into motion by the ones most willing to make an impact - the ones who care - and since rank can not determine who cares more than another - I think it's important to have a President whom can make level-headed decisions that satisfy the majority interest rather than the persuasion from the ones holding the power and influence. This will be difficult, because as a whole, we need to convince the current ConFed administrators to relinquish admin privledges to the new President, High Command, and leaders. It's time to form this heirarchy soon, because we need to begin creating, sorting, delegating ranks and placing members to ranks/positions they will be most helpful in and also want to be in by their own desire.

Power in numbers have always been underestimated in this clan, and we've never used it to its full potential. If each member registered could vote, and we tallied them seriously, decisions made from a majority decision would represent the clan's voice better than the few who hold the most power (let alone give the majority lower ranks a voice and purpose rather than having to do undesired work in order to have a say in what goes on here)

Telos will be your Representative by which the balance of what we all want. I vow not to be tyrannical, but to do what's most ethical, and I want to continue implimenting the things that the majority of this clan wants. My policies will reflect JDman's wishes, but since he has opposers, me being President will hopefully reduce that seperatist movement, and all parties can hopefully be satisfied; thus we all get what we want fairly.

I will simplify ranks, hold more meetings, and leave changes/additional implimentations up to my final approval after a majority consensus proposes the idea; rather by the UMC vote tallies, High Command final decision, or my own executive decision which will always be made based off of what I feel the majority wants. I don't play favorites; which is why I am also running.
Needs of individuals will be met and for once gain more significance, as each member must have things they need to keep them happy with our clan, and rather than make rules/laws, we must make accomodations to satisfy the individual, give them more freedom, and entice them to remain within our community. LiT clan vamping our members, our President retiring, and following a negative train of energy will not be the end of the Confederation. We've been through way worse than this. Let's prove Remo, Oblivion, and everyone who left wrong that ConFed will stand for at LEAST 300 more days, and if we fail, then I tried....but trying is the last thing we can do w/o quitting like bitches.
My vote goes to JDman. He has more UMC Leadership experience than most, has a stern vision on what he wants, and deserves it, since he seems to be the person that we want to look at as a leader. He isnt afraid to impliment agenda, encourage our clan to become disciplined, and he's good at organizing responsibilities and distributing them among members as small jobs which will lighten the load off the High Command, which will propogate down to the Officers - making each of us responsible for a small portion of the important things required to keep our clan alive and healthy.

For those, leaving if JDman wins. Vote/nominate me, then. Telos. I've led clans since I was 13. I'm 29 now. I have experience, and can do the job. And at least most of you seem to like me and be ok with me making decisions despite my current 1v1 rank and rumors of my mental health, logic, and intelligence. You might be surprised with what I'm capable of, esp with the help of my ConFed folks.
At the very least....I can help disassemble the clan if it comes to dissolvement, because I am very diplomatic, and can form agenda to make sure we all don't scatter, end up in clans we belong in, and can stay in touch.

This is our last chance.
Even if I'm not right to be President, I can act as a mediator between leaders of their own division. I can work with the Sky Marshall, Fleet Admiral, and HC to make sure there is an ethical and balanced approach to this. I've never been for tyranny, so you can expect I'm the most fair candidate when it comes to fairness, wisdom, and sociological strategy in how to build a community that can grow to a point where we can manage the member count based off of psychological ambition and simple gaming ambition. Give it a try! You'd be surprised!

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TelosDate: Wednesday, 2016/January/13, 10:02 AM | Message # 2
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
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damn right....
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