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A Realization and humble apology
NicoDate: Wednesday, 2016/February/03, 11:51 AM | Message # 1
Sunday, December 14th, 2014
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My fellow clan members I have realized that many of you were only trying to help me and I may have reacted in a way unbefitting of an officer in the wonderful clan. Especially my mentors in game; Telos, Orion and Pheo. I often misinterpret what I hear to best explain it; I did some research on my Aspergers since it is the most likely culprit for the misunderstandings and I believe these two symptoms of the aforementioned disorder say it better than I ever could.

Literal Interpretations

One of the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome is literally interpreting what people say. The affected individual may not understand sarcasm, instead taking what the person has said as truth. The idea that people with Asperger’s syndrome do not understand humor is wrong.

These individuals may be the funniest people you have ever met. When they realize the fault of their literal interpretations, they are able to understand the true meaning behind what is being said, perhaps with some explanation.

Inability to Empathize

Individuals with Asperger’s syndrome may find difficulty empathizing with others. As they age, the affected person will learn the accepted social response for interacting with others. While they may react appropriately and say the “right” things, they may not understand why the other person is truly upset.

This can be an issue in childhood as the individual with Asperger’s may play too roughly with their peers or say harsh things, unknowingly hurting the other person. When confronted for this behavior, the child may respond that what they said was true and that they do not understand the issue

I understand that these do not excuse my behavior and humbly apologize for the misunderstandings, but I hope it help people understand me a little more and I can hopefully learn to control it a bit better.

IMperfectiONDate: Thursday, 2016/February/04, 10:42 AM | Message # 2
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I hope for the best in your health Nico.
Fight it.

The Golden Armada awaits
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