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New Season!
TelosDate: Wednesday, 2016/March/30, 2:41 AM | Message # 1
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
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Hey guys,

New season is in effect. Get ranked! Remember, the earlier in the season you grind, the harder it will be, but the higher chance you have to get placed in a higher league. I ALWAYS miss my chance to get Masters in 3v3 Ranked, cuz I wait too long to play games, but I will try again...

Let's make this season a better one than last! ConFed deff seems competent now, winning CW's, having members win events, etc. We are capable of awesome things now! We have the manpower to do it. Let's try and raise the bar on our performance, and increase the level of competition in which we participate! Here's my personal ideas on what we can do for the season:

- Content: Replay packs, situation replays (specific builds), coaching replays (generic, standard replays demonstrating a certain strategy), pictures, videos, FPVODs, banners, graphics, and ads!

- Streaming: ConFedLive stream - we should utilize this more! We can hand it off and have members use the account to stream live content for ConFed - providing Remo allows us to do this.

- Competition: Register for CTL once it's available again, and perhaps get ConFed into other leagues since our members are doing so awesome. This shows we can still increase our competition! No pressure though! >_<;

- Staff: If you're not a competitor, like me, there's always ways one can contribute to the clan. Events need staff, officer positions are opening up due to expansion (though most of them fill up quick), and some officers need 2nd hands (helpers - even if it's just collecting info)

- Coaching/teaching: Information should be free. We should all be doing what we can to help others along that need it. Be objective! Don't listen to advice that doesn't seem right, but always consider an idea however odd it may seem.

- Passing down the torch: As some of us earn promotions and climb the ladder of greatness in ConFed, we need others to fill in the positions we left. Shortland, sorry to you use as an example, but is a perfect example of this. When a 2nd. Lt or Captain becomes an Admiral, a position opens up for 2nd Lt. Utilize these positions in order to solidify the chain of command and make JDman, and esp. Orion's jobs easier! We've been doing so good with this, and I'm incredibly impressed! I don't think this clan has ever done better than now, and I'm thoroughly fulfilled to see the clan rise from near death to glory! Let's keep going!

- Other games: this is touchy. We can never lose focus on our main goal: Starcraft. How do recruits from other games effect the roster? How do other games members play into our heirarchy, and how does it effect the chain of command? I think we should consider these things, and we should find a way to clarify these ideas instead of me just blabbing and ranting about it.

- Fun: ALWAYS have fun! Some players put too much pressure on themselves. This creates tension when performing in events. Don't sweat it! Even Runei loses some games, and when he does, he hits the ladder hard in order to make up for it. That's awesome, but remember, having fun is the priority, and losing is no big deal. If you participate in an event, you gain soooo much props just for showing up. So let's find ways to increase the fun - and take the pressure/workload off each other.

[xCFx] - I think we should have a meeting about this. I'm not on HC or JCOS, so of course I can't say shit, but I think it should seriously be considered. We're at 92-94 members, and I think we should really discuss whether or not going further is a possibility. Remember the Dunbar effect (~150 relationships) - the more we expand - the harder it becomes to manage that population. If we have good policy/ officers in place, it's doable. Let's discuss this!

Conclusion: I know I'm preaching and these ideas are simple. However, it's always good to re-rally our ideas as we put thoughts into the new season. As always, I'm afraid motivation and organizing ideas is my main goal here. I'm super old in SC years, and I just want to express what I can before it's time to pass the torch - but that time isn't yet, so I'm doing what I can to keep our focus and continue doing what's necessary to have a successful community. I'm so happy for this clan, and I think not only is our hard work paying off, but the time is also arising for the recruits who joined in our comeback to shine, lead, and command the clan in a way that some of us older members have. The new generation is taking over, and we must make sure they have a clear and stable path to follow. If we all have fun, share good ideas, and implement good policy, the potential of ConFed will not stop growing.

@HC - we should have meeting, a big, serious one! Not only for fun (I love meetings) but in order to reinforce our goals and plan for this new season!

Rant Over. Telos out.

P.S. - be gentle with your criticism. People always reject my ideas and input, and as long as at least one other member agrees, we can't reject these ideas completely. Feedback is always welcome, but let's not argue or offend one another. GLHF in new season yall!
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