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Clan Feedback - High Command
How are we doing?
1.Excellent[ 6 ][30.00%]
2.Good[ 10 ][50.00%]
3.Fair[ 3 ][15.00%]
4.Alright[ 1 ][5.00%]
5.Poor[ 0 ][0.00%]
6.Terrible[ 0 ][0.00%]
Answers total: 20
JdmanDate: Thursday, 2016/March/31, 8:33 AM | Message # 1
Saturday, December 28th, 2013
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If you choose terrible please explain how we can improve.

Clan: The Confederation
Rank: President
Branch: High Command
Legend, Ex-Commandant, Ex-Fleet Admiral Ex CPA, Ex CSA, Ex president.
JamesBossDate: Thursday, 2016/March/31, 4:16 PM | Message # 2
Forum Sergeant
Group: Captain
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High Command - Pro's: Communication based which is good - how to improve - disseminate information to all members in better formats - I like that a lot of things are linked from Discord to website - try and get us all to visit website more often since you all are a clan that has utilized a website better then most.

Willing to work with clan on clan desires - need organization on what we want as a clan - weekly clan wars, trying to become something more, if so what is more etc etc a goal / a path

Con's: Would be ideal to somehow get more clan involvement - don't know how to achieve from High Command but we are sometimes too segregated / I don't care for the separation of squads thing - don't know why we can't be a unified clan and have multi clan wars that can still utilize all of our players from different ranks.

Added (2016/March/31, 4:16 PM)
lastly, it'll never happen but-- change clan name - we're not a bunch of rednexs and unfortunately that is how it is perceived. All we need is blue in our banners and we rep'n the ol confederate hard wink jk to this all but not really.

remoDate: Friday, 2016/April/01, 0:48 AM | Message # 3
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
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Nope, not space rednecks at all...
IMperfectiONDate: Friday, 2016/April/01, 0:58 AM | Message # 4
Forum Lieutenant colonel
Group: Officers
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As acting Commandant of the Confederation. I feel as if my ability to communicate with new recruits is hindered by the fact that there are no other members in the CRA.
This is a problem, If we only have 1 recruitment officer this clan will not grow as much as we like.
IK that lately I haven't been doing my job as much due to the projects in school but I am trying my best to hop on Discord the forums etc.

Another issue is that I am having difficulty tracking all of the new applicants.
However I think I can solve this by posting an updated version of the recruitment ads I posted a few weeks ago. Which will narrow down the applicants to NA.

So my only request from my fellow ConFed members is that I encourage you to try to apply for the CRA, and don't bother with reading the CRA section in the website. Since I will try to get JDman to change all of that stuff. (JDman I will be on Discord after school tommorow to talk to you about these changes.). Anyways if you are interested pls email me at markrivers203@gmail.com and I'll be happy to get you in.

BTW I like Jimboss's Idea, we need more"unified clanwars".

The Golden Armada awaits
SunGodEffectDate: Friday, 2016/April/01, 4:13 AM | Message # 5
ConFed Admin (HC)
Group: Inactive
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I agree with jamesboss I feel like the squad wars are kinda spliting the clan up. we need more clan wars not just squad wars. it would make sign ups easier for our memebers who do want to play. also right now it feels like we have the same players playing in almost every squad war.
JdmanDate: Friday, 2016/April/01, 3:14 PM | Message # 6
Saturday, December 28th, 2013
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Thank you for your feedback.

Squads: Are not designed to segregate the clan or "split" it. They have also been the largest driver of clan activity since brood war days. ConFed has always had its members in different groups or branches ex. Keepers, cra, ships, etc. This is what makes this clan different from all the others. It also keeps us organized. If you feel that to many of the same people play in clan wars don't blame the system blame the player. All squad clan wars are planned atleast a week in advance if not more. So it is up to the captains to advertise them, and it is up to THE members to show up. I can't force people to read and follow instructions.

Goals: As president it is my job to plan for the future, and organize lower ranks to work towards that future. I believe I am doing that to the best of my ability. Our main goal is to create and maintain a thriving starcraft gaming community. The one problem is that everyday the player base is shrinking. This is a statistical fact that we can't ignore. To stop this myself, high command, and a select few who have knowledge of other games are working on expanding. The sole purpose of expansion is to keep this great community alive. Next august will be 20 years of ConFed.

We are a unified clan. Anyone can play in clan wars. We tried putting everyone in drydock in the summer of 2014 it didn't work and lead to the resignation of a president. Squads just make it easier for captians to know who will be more likely to show up. This agian is a good practice that has helped this clan greatly.

The Confederation. We will never change the name. Sorry. I am well aware some people get butt hurt and can't separate reality and want their little Internet safe space. If someone is that dumb to think we are affiliated with the Confederate States of America then we don't need them in our community.

Thank you agian for yourent feed back. I will work harder so that you all feel included. Remember clan wars happen almost every week. You just need to look at the 3 events tabs the one in game, the one on discord, and the war room section here on the forums. If your not in a sqaud, join one. If you are in a squad and your captain isn't planning clan wars message him, or call him or her out on it. Or try to become a captain yourself.

Hail The Confederation

Clan: The Confederation
Rank: President
Branch: High Command
Legend, Ex-Commandant, Ex-Fleet Admiral Ex CPA, Ex CSA, Ex president.
TelosDate: Friday, 2016/April/01, 3:27 PM | Message # 7
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
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I think the transition to other games is necessary in order to keep the interest. It's scary though, and has to be delicately managed and executed under confed law. We should ammend laws if need be through voting. Discord brings us all together even if our screen is minimized or playin a diff game, so having structure for them non-SC games is a direction any member with enough passion could take the clan with approval of HC.

Alot of important things are a potential now, and ConFed leadership will determine where we take it. The larger we grow, the harder it becomes to manage the population, but if we stick with our structure, innovate, and stay on top of content and events, we can't fail.

Perhaps we should also look into projecting into the community more, and becoming a group that others look up to. After all, we have a long history, and our heritage grounds the life of the clan, and if treated well, will never die. It's wild, but if you ignore all the number, we're still one of the biggest clans in the world.

I think we're doing better than ever in Starcraft results, and it's only a matter of time before we realize our full potential and break out FOR REAL into the e-sports and gaming communities as a force to be reckoned with!

This has been vague with not really many suggestions to detail, but still the only feedback I can provide. We're doing great and it's wild thinking of what's in the future!
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