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Recruiting New Members
IMperfectiONDate: Friday, 2016/April/15, 5:59 PM | Message # 1
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It's very awesome to see everyone from all corners of ConFed to help out with making the clan grow.
However how good that may seem I will point out a few problems with what many of us do to the new recruits.
One of which is that people will recruit them and then leave them and don't interact with them at all. Which results in us losing another member of ConFed.

So I would like everyone in this clan to follow these steps instead to ensure our growth as a community.

Step 1: When you meet someone you think is ConFed material or someone you played wants to join get them to sign up on the Website and Discord and make sure they use their IN GAME username on w/e game they are being recruited in.

Step 2: When they have signed up for the website and Discord STAY WITH THEM DON"T ABANDON THEM AT ALL. What kind of people will we be if we just go and get them to sign up and then just make them invisible? Terrible people. So I encourage everyone here that when they do get someone to sign up stay with them and get them to meet with everyone.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that more of us will be more welcoming with our new recruits. B)

First Sergeant IMperfectiON/ former Commandant/ former Charlie Squad Private.

The Golden Armada awaits
TelosDate: Thursday, 2016/April/21, 9:28 PM | Message # 2
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
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Very good Imperfection.

However, keep in mind JDman and I once established a policy for recruitment, please, let me draw the steps out, and I'll post the steps.

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