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ConFed Changes
BelgarathDate: Thursday, 2016/July/14, 7:16 AM | Message # 1
Sunday, January 11th, 2015
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My brothers and sisters of ConFed, it has been a long time since i was active, so i thought id update as the whats been going on with my life. got really sick, missus got allergic reaction put her in hospital, kids got a viral infection, Started doing a civil construction course, (thats pretty fun) finished my chainmail armor, got worse at starcraft (somehow)

But then i come back and see a few things, JD as a traitor, ill hear the full story eventually anyway,
new HIGH COMMAND structure (this is good, means no one person will hold power)
new ranks, this i dont like, THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPPINION: alot of old confed members joined because of the rank structure, seems a shame to change something that worked for so long.

but enough of the bitching and whinging, its good to be back

Senator-Belgarath, Flamer, Shako, Siegetank, Aurora, whatever you knew me as!

oh how i have missed you all!
JJCheatahDate: Thursday, 2016/July/14, 7:43 AM | Message # 2
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Welcome back man! *salutes* Name is JJCheatah! Nerazim Mapster and maybe future castor, at your service. Sorry to hear about the bad things going on... although, I gotta say... making the chainmail... XD That's AWESOME DUDE! Comicon or Blizzcon, Im sure you'll rock in the cosplay section! :P

What was your old division and race? I'd love to be helpin' ya out if I can. Im in tier 3 gold, soon to be higher tiers. I'd probably be near plat, if not plat, if I had more time for Ladder... But, school and family takes priority over gaming... So, with all the time I havent been playing these past couple weeks... My 1v1 timings and micro have gotten a bit rusty... As has my robo builds... Personally prefer oracle/void ray/DT play myself... You can get some insanely fun games and just annoy the scrap out of an opponent in mid battle (Be attacking their frontlines, and nailing their back siege tanks/immortals with a stasis ward... Its also insanely effective if you can hit a large ammount of unused larva or some warp-ins with the stasis field. It will freeze them for 21 seconds as well... XD You can change the whole game if any of those wards can land a good freeze... :P)
IMperfectiONDate: Thursday, 2016/July/14, 5:24 PM | Message # 3
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Awesome welcome back Belgarath. I'm a newer guy to ConFed only been here for about 8 months I beleive. I am currently Mid Plat Protoss and a Gold 3 Terran player. Hook me up if u want to practice. ImperfectiON #11715
SunGodEffectDate: Saturday, 2016/July/16, 10:49 PM | Message # 4
ConFed Admin (HC)
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Hi Belgarath,

Im one of the current admins and ex CFA ex admiral etc etc... wink anyways I'm glad you like the new leadership command of confed.. I think I speak for all of us admins when I say the new way is alot better and less stressful for us. And that is kinda what we wanted to tryout with the ranks for members or UMC as u remember it.. before jdman had his breakdown we were haing problems with captains and Lts and even admirals getting along.. we didnt want rank to be a problem while we rebuilt what jdman tried to destroy.. so this new member ranking is kinda of a trail run.. in the next few weeks hc will talk about bringing the old UMC and JCOS ranks back (pros and cons) but in the end im sure we will end up doing a clan vote on it.. because thats the awesome type leaders we are wink instead of the hilter type presidents confed has had in the past! (not saying any names but i can think of atleast 4 people said were horrible) with that said welcome back buddy lol
OblivionDate: Sunday, 2016/July/17, 7:41 PM | Message # 5
Thursday, April 24th, 2014
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Hi Flamer :)

I don't frequent these forums often, but when I heard you had made a post, I couldn't resist. Glad to see you're still around - was wondering when you'd make an appearance again. If you ever hop on Discord, give me a shout.

-A1a3a1 | Oblivion

Formerly Known as A1a3a1(ConFed)
:|: Inducted as a Confederation Legend in 2009 :|:
Commandant :|: Fleet Admiral :|: Domestic Advisor :|: Vice President :|: President
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