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High Command Update!
CrunChyDate: Friday, 2015/February/13, 1:23 PM | Message # 1
Saturday, July 10th, 2010
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Hello everyone,

Strength, Pride, Unity. Three small words that represent the “essence” of ConFed. This is the motto ConFed was founded upon. In order to achieve this “essence”, it's important to have a High Command team that can help lead the Clan in the correct direction. A team that is focused, works together, communicates frequently, and strives to further ConFed with every day that passes.

As many of you are aware, we've had a couple vacant spots in the High Command for a little while. It is with great honor to announce the following promotions;

Confederation Domestic Advisor NeonFire
Months ago when NeonFire joined his interests in the Clan's structure and ranking systems demonstrated to us the potential that could result from this individual down the road. Since NeonFire has been a part of ConFed, he has went above and beyond his duty in many different ways. NeonFire has recruited many new people into ConFed, got members interested in promotions, hosted his own Events, assisted in helping with our LDAP Admin (Rosters) for hours and hours upon end, and much more. However, what impresses me most about this individual is his natural instinct to be thorough about everything he does. Literally. With each task given, or task he sets himself, NeonFire never fails to nitpick every single inch of whatever project is in front of him. NeonFire loves to come to High Command constantly, letting us know what to fix, what's going on, who's doing what, etc. NeonFire is a perfectionist and this is a great quality that is hard to find.

Confederation Domestic Advisor duties include; To help and be involved with the Clans daily routine. The CDA oversees all Events/Event Scheduling, Awards, and in Clan Tournaments. The CDA should always be in the know when it comes to the Clan's domestic affairs and be able to take charge whenever necessary.

Out of all the possible candidates, it was clear that NeonFire is the best choice when it comes to being our Domestic Advisor. I believe that NeonFire will play a key part in driving ConFed forward. Please give NeonFire your best Salute when you next see him online.

Confederation Security Advisor Zmic
Our previous Domestic Advisor, Zmic, has had his Rank transferred to Security Advisor after NeonFire's recent promotion. Zmic's loyalty and dedication to ConFed may be un-noticed by some members, but is indeed very present within behind the scenes administration. Zmic continues to play an active part in ConFed and is involved in every decision that is made by High Command.

Confederation Security Advisor duties include; The presiding security officer of ConFed. In charge of maintaining security within ConFed itself. IE: Channel moderation, Website moderation, Forum moderation, member discipline, etc. If a ConFed member violates a law in which circumstance requires a trial, the CSA is in charge of holding members to trial and may issue a punishment should the defendant be found guilty.

Zmic will continue to play an important role in High Command in a new position. Please give Zmic your best Salute when you next see him online.

Confederation Foreign Advisor
Our Foreign Advisor position still remains vacant. However, High Command has their eyes set on a few individuals, but we'd like to wait a little longer before we come to a decision. We believe that in due time the choice for Foreign Advisor will become clear.

Confederation Foreign Advisor duties include; The presiding Foreign Officer of ConFed. In charge of Event communication/planning between ConFed and other Clans. This includes, Clan Wars, open Clan Tournaments, open Events, managing team leagues (chobo for example) etc.

Vice President Remo
Starting out as a Private more than a year ago, Remo has become one of ConFed's most outstanding and respectable members. Remo has recruited new members into ConFed, helped out during times of dispute, and has spent literally hundreds of hours in making our website function better. Remo has not only demonstrated his loyalty to ConFed, but he has also demonstrated the ability to keep a clear and level head with every single decision that he makes. Remo is also very openly friendly with each ConFed member and takes time to visit with and play with everyone he can every day. On top of Remo's hard work, dedication, and loyalty, one of his most valuable qualities is simply that he is very wise and knowledgeable. This is quite a broad statement, but in ConFed's experience Remo always has something of value to say when it comes down to Clan discussion and Clan decisions.

Vice President duties include; Oversee Leadership Team of ConFed. Assist wherever needed, whenever needed. Next in line to become President.

Remo has earned his keep with ConFed and has definitely earned the title "Vice President". I have full trust and confidence with my selection. Remo is The Confederation's right hand man now, and I personally have never been more excited to work with someone as talented as Remo. Please hail The Confederation's new Vice President, Remo!

All of us together will continue make ConFed revolve and operate around the three words which you read at the beginning; Strength, Pride, Unity.


Thank you,
President CrunChy

Website Administrator | TeamSpeak Administrator | ConFed Legend

Strength, Pride, Unity!
alceisterDate: Saturday, 2015/February/14, 1:56 PM | Message # 2
Sunday, May 11th, 2014
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salute neonfire o7
JdmanDate: Saturday, 2015/February/14, 6:07 PM | Message # 3
Saturday, December 28th, 2013
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So proud of you remo. Also congratulations too neonfire and zmic. It delights me a great deal too see sc2 Era members show such intrest and passion for the Confederation. It really means more too me then you all probably realise.

Clan: The Confederation
Rank: President
Branch: High Command
Legend, Ex-Commandant, Ex-Fleet Admiral Ex CPA, Ex CSA, Ex president.
BylanderDate: Tuesday, 2015/February/24, 9:29 PM | Message # 4
Saturday, April 18th, 2015
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Salutes to all, hope to join the community soon, ive been on a bit of a absence as my heart for sc left. But with LotV coming out soon i am hoping to get back into things

Private first class Bylander
TelosDate: Saturday, 2015/April/04, 6:12 PM | Message # 5
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
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congrats to all! plz make us happy! <3
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