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Ship Squads
CrunChyDate: Monday, 2015/May/11, 7:09 PM | Message # 1
Saturday, July 10th, 2010
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Greetings Confederation members,

Starting this week, The Confederation will be holding it's first event, "Ship Squads", that will utilize the 4 new Confederation Fleet Starships; The Clark, Sovereign, Raszagal, and Excalibur II.

Ship Squads will be an exciting event in which our Ships crew will battle against one another in a series of Best of 9 All Kill Format battles that takes place over the course of 3 days. The battle of Fleet 1 will happen on May 15th. The battle of Fleet 2 on the 16th. Finally, the battle of the Fleet 1 winner vs the Fleet 2 winner on the 17th. Each battle will start at 9pm EST.

So how does it work?
Each day there will be a Best of 9 All Kill Format battle between two different ships, with the 3rd day being the final battle to crown the winning ship. Let's use May 15th as our example.

On May 15th, the CFS-Clark and CFS-Sovereign will face off against each other in a Best of 9 All Kill Format style battle at 9pm EST.

JDman and Karnage will be online to organize their crew in a private channel to discuss strategy, and to choose who to send out first to represent their Ship. It's important that the entire crew of the Clark and Sovereign be online this day so that each Captain has a variety of players to choose from. You never know, you might get selected to fight for your Ship!

This also applies for the 16th (Raszagal vs Excalibur II) and the 17th (Fleet 1 Winner vs Fleet 2 Winner).

Only current season ladder maps are accepted. Echo will be the starting map. Loser always chooses the next map. No map repeats.

What league rules apply to this?
Best of 9 means that each Captain will choose 5 players from their Ship to fight. 1 Bronze, 1 Silver,1 Gold,1 Platinum, and 1 Diamond. The Captains will be sending out players in ascending order, which means lowest league goes first.

Lets say The Sovereign has no bronze players online to send out, the Sovereign may put in a Silver league player to replace the Bronze. The Clark can still send out a Bronze player, but may choose a Silver to match that of the Sovereigns if the Captain chooses to do so.

So again, it's important to stress that as much of the crew for each Ship is online so there is a wide variety of players to choose from. Not to mention you're going to want to represent your ship by showing your support!

Will these battles be streamed?
Every battle and every match will be streamed and cast live! So come online to watch some intense games and hear some great commentary. Expect to see more stream information as the first battle draws near.

What do I need to do to participate? Do I need to sign up?
You should speak with your Captain immediately. Either through in game, teamspeak, or private message VIA our website. However, if you don't get the chance to talk to your Captain beforehand, all you need to do is be online on the day and the time that corresponds with your ships battle. So if you're on the Excalibur II, you'd want to come online on the 16th shortly before 9pm EST and meet up with your Captain to get organized.

Remember that if your Ship wins a battle on the 15th, or the 16th, you'll need to also come online to fight for the crown on the 17th!

The winning ships crew will all receive 1 Combat Pin Award, as well as 1 Confederation Star. Every member of the winning ships crew who was online during their ships first and second battle and is below Rank Commander will also receive 1 free Rank promotion.

The Second place ships crew will receive 1 Confederation Star award on our website.

This is going to be an exciting event. We've had a lot of fun organizing this and putting it together and we hope to see everyone online to fight the good fight!

Fleet Admiral Doadrift will be in charge of running this event.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reply directly to this thread.

Best regards,
President CrunChy

Website Administrator | TeamSpeak Administrator | ConFed Legend

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