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Spring and Summer Clan Updates!
CrunChyDate: Saturday, 2015/June/13, 7:39 PM | Message # 1
Saturday, July 10th, 2010
Group: Elder's Board
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Over the course of the last 2 months there have been various meetings, new things added, and just in general a lot of awesome stuff is happening within the Clan. Let's dive right into it shall we?

High Command Changes & Updates
1. Welcome our newest addition to High Command, Darwin. Darwin has been promoted to Foreign Advisor. Darwin is now responsible for Masters level Clan Wars (Specifically those which relate to the Keepers). Darwin and the Keepers will work together as a team to ensure that there are lots of high level Clan Wars and to ensure that our keepers continue to kick ass.

2. NeonFire has been demoted from Domestic Advisor to Admiral Fleet 2 as per request. His time and availability is much more suitable for this Rank.

3. Zmic has been demoted from Security Advisor due to real life constraints. Zmic is now an Active Legend.

4. President CrunChy is acting CDA and Vice President Remo is acting CSA until these two spots have been filled.

United Military Command Changes & Updates
1. Recent Promotions (Captains, Vice Admirals, Admirals) - JDman has been promoted to Admiral Fleet 1. KoB has been promoted to Captain of CFS-Clark. Karnage has been promoted to Vice Admiral of CFS-Sovereign. ZZZ has moved from Admiral Fleet 2 to Vice Admiral of the CFS-Raszagal. FallenAngel has been promoted to Captain of CFS-Excalibur.

Please give your best Salute when you see these individuals online next.

2. The Officer Training Program has been updated with fresh information. (http://the-confederation.net/forum/2-2429-1) From now on, those in training will be trained by their Admiral of their Fleet as well as their Captain.

3. Promotions are still to be followed by the requirements listed on the Ranks page. Captains and Officers are encouraged to promote our Ranking system to all members to increase interest.

4. Members are encouraged to put more time and effort into making their events professional and creative. Be sure to follow appropriate guidelines when creating an event (7 Days Advanced Scheduling and be sure to designate someone in charge when posting). Additionally, Events that are not held by High Command are to NOT be labeled as Confederation branded events. They should be labeled as your own personal event.

EX: Sergeant CrunChy wants to host a 16 man tournament and advertises it as "The Confederation is hosting a 16 man tournament". This would be incorrect. It should be labeled as "CrunChy's 16 man Tournament!" or some other name of his choosing.

5. Ship Wars is coming soon! Stay tuned for a news post on the SNN.

Keeper Changes & Updates
1. Welcome our newest additions to the Keeper Roster; Proxy (Zerg), Wugi (Terran), Jacobis (Terran). We are happy to have them aboard!

2. The Sky Marshal position remains vacant as we continue to seek out the perfect fit for Sky Marshal. However, the work distribution and organization with the Keepers is not suffering due to no Sky Marshal. The combination of Warlordz, Liqht, and Darwin working together are keeping the Keepers nice and healthy.

Confederation Recruitment Administration Changes & Updates
1. We recently re-introduced the Confederation Recruitment Administration. The CRA will be responsible for ensuring that everyone is following proper recruiting procedure and helping to raise our Clans numbers more than ever before! Anything relating to recruiting goes through the CRA. However, Captains+ are still required to know how to recruit.

2. Welcome our newest additions to the CRA; Commandant Diskordia, First Sergeant GiggleSmirk, and First Sergeant Ariosskop.

1. Awards
- Awards are now done on our rosters page. You can see a persons awards right on their rosters profile.

-We've added two new awards. Confederation Star for recruitment and Service Cross for Event Hosting. You can see both of these right in someones rosters profile. It will say "Number of recruits: " and "Number of Events Hosted". This is going to make keeping track of recruits/events for promotions 100% easier.

-If you are a Captain+ or CRA member, when you recruit someone, you are to issue yourself a Confederation Recruitment Star on the Awards board. This way we can easily keep track of how many recruits you've achieved. This number also is shown now in the Rosters profile when you click on someones name. IMPORTANT: If you are recruiting on behalf of someone else (EX: A Private brings you a recruit) when you recruit the person remember to issue a Recruitment Star to whoever brought you the recruit on the awards board. This way they will get credit towards their next promotion.

-Be sure to remember to issue awards for all events that are hosted. If JDman hosts a training night, JDman must award everyone who participated (including himself) a Confederation Star on the website. JDman must also issue a Service Cross to himself for Event Hosting.

2. Promotions Board
-Updating promotions has become easier due to Remo's new website coding on the rosters page. When a members promotion is updated on the rosters page the rosters page will now automatically put in the new last promotion date. This information is now easily seen in the rosters profile, just click and look for "Last promotion date".

Additionally, the Rosters page will now show when someone is eligible for a promotion. So if you're an officer checking if someone can be promoted, just click on their name!

3. Other games
-We have a very small group of people interested in expanding ConFed to Heroes of The Storm or creating a small ConFed team. High Command has met together and discussed, here is the verdict;

The Confederation is a Starcraft 2 Clan. At no time in the present, or near future will The Confederation support any other official ConFed branded teams/clans/communities.

Members are encouraged to game together. On any game. Without restriction. They can even create their own team if they want. What members do in other games is none of ConFed's business.

Using any logos, art, or ConFed branding in other games is strictly prohibited.

5. Shirts
-They are coming! Yes they are coming! We are currently calculating cost. Designs have been completed. The only thing left to do is get a final cost to advertise to our members, make a post to see how many people are interested, and order away! Expect more information on this in the near future.

6. Twitch - ConFedLIVE
-The Confederation now has it's own official twitch channel, we are calling this "ConFedLIVE".

All major Tournaments, major Clan Wars, and big events will be cast live on this channel. Please visit and throw us a follow! http://www.twitch.tv/ConFedLIVE

7. YouTube
-The Confederation now has it's own official YouTube channel! We are calling this, The Confederation eSports.

All vods from Twitch will be uploaded here for public viewing. Head on over and throw us a follow! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGVvdkbcy1wXA56JF08dWzA

These are all the most recent Clan Updates & Changes! We have a few more things coming in the near future. Stay on the lookout!

Thank you everyone for your time! Special thank you to everyone who helped with all of these updates listed above! Stay tuned to the SNN.

Warm Regards,
President CrunChy

Website Administrator | TeamSpeak Administrator | ConFed Legend

Strength, Pride, Unity!
NeonFireDate: Saturday, 2015/June/13, 9:44 PM | Message # 2
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
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The absence of page-flipping noises has been noticed and will be brought up during your impeachment for not sounding organized enough

-Former CDA
-Not a communist
CrunChyDate: Sunday, 2015/June/14, 0:53 AM | Message # 3
Saturday, July 10th, 2010
Group: Elder's Board
Messages: 1510
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Quote NeonFire ()
The absence of page-flipping noises has been noticed and will be brought up during your impeachment for not sounding organized enough

Short sweet and to the point!

And also, I will be sure to bring a book to flip through for the next meeting. cool

Website Administrator | TeamSpeak Administrator | ConFed Legend

Strength, Pride, Unity!
TelosDate: Sunday, 2015/June/14, 8:26 AM | Message # 4
Tuesday, February 14th, 2015
Group: Blocked
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Great update!

Congrats to all officers promoted! I hope we can continue beasting this clan thing!

I hope Sky Marshall position gets filled soon. My limited availability makes things harder for me, but I am trying to distribute my activity as best as I can while continuing to stay rested and healthy. I look forward to seeing yall throughout the summer!
remoDate: Monday, 2015/June/15, 0:10 AM | Message # 5
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
Group: Administrators
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Awesome stuff, glad to see the clan is in such a healthy place.

Thanks for the update Crunchy!
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