Service Medal: 
For every month a member is a part of The Confederation, they will receive 1 Blue Service Medal. Once a member has achieved 12 Blue Service Medals, they are replaced with 1 Gold Service Medal which stands for 1 year of service.

Combat Pins:

You get one of these for every Clan War battle , or Tournament Won.


Purple Heart: 

In the event you are eliminated in a team game (2v2/3v3/4v4), but you dealt significant damage to the enemy team prior to your death. Enough so that your partner(s) could easily earn a victory, you would then qualify for this Award.

This award is very rare and special. It shows that you're willing to sacrifice yourself in a game for the good of The Confederation. In order to earn this, you'll need to have a replay of the game that you fought. Your team must of course WIN that game for you to get this.


Confederation Stars: 
This is a generalized award. Though there are dozens of ways a member can earn one of these, some of the more common reasons are listed below:

These include, signing up and showing up for Tournaments. Participating in Weekly Clan Scrimmages/Arcade Night, etc

*You can only earn 1 Confederation Star a day*

Service Cross: 

The Service Cross is given to those members that assist in directing Confederation Tournaments, both between ConFed and other Clans and within ConFed itself.


Medal of Shame:

This medal is not given out arbitrarily. It is to remind the recipient that they were not just defeated but humiliated on the field of battle. That their prowess in commanding their dominion, tribe, or brood was so lack luster that it must be acknowledge for all to see. This will drive the recipient to strive harder to make them a more effective battle commander in the Koprulu Sector. You do not ask for this award, it is given out when appropriate.

Medal of Honor: 

There is NO higher honor or award that a Confederation member can achieve. There are two ways in which a ConFed member can be awarded a Medal of Honor.

By making a momentous impact on ConFed while serving in the Clan, g
oing far and beyond the call of duty whilst performing their duties in a ethical and diligent manner.

Legend Status: 

Occasionally a Confederation member who served diligently and reached the level of JCOS will have to attend to other priorities. Thereby forcing them to surrender what ever position they hold in ConFed due to lack of online time. As a result, these members are given the option to "retire" as Legends. If they choose this option, they earn this award automatically. 

In order for A) to occur, a member must have been a Clan member for significantly long period of time and must follow basic ConFed law. 

In order for B) to occur, a member must have been a Clan member for a significantly long period of time and must follow basic ConFed law. A member may receive Legend status without retiring as well. 

The process for nominating and issuing a Medal of Honor OR Legend Status is as follows,
A nomination is made on our Forums where the thread will remain open for 7 days for constructive discussion and feedback. After 7 days the Forum will be locked. High Command will then hold a meeting to make final judgement on a decision.


** If you would like to nominate a ConFed member for an Award or Legend Status, talk to a current High Command member. They can be found here. **