Class of Ship: Capital Command Carrier
Ship Motto: "Death From Above"

Special Features:
2 Main launch bays
1 Auxiliary launch bay
Room for 
400 strike air craft

A. 200 Wraiths
B. 50 Banshees
C. 50 Vikings
D. 50 Medivacs
E. 40 Hercules transport ships
F. 10 Ravens
G. 25 nuclear missile silos, and 10 orbital bombardment cannons

A. Hardened tungsten fused Armor plating.
B. 20 Anti Air craft batteries
C. Electronic warfare - Radar and missile jamming
D. Psionic disrupter - deters weaker zerg swarms, or other psionic beings
E. Protoss inspired energy shield technology


After the old Fleets were destroyed by the coming army of Amon (Protoss) the information from the surviving Lexington was used to come up with the CFS-Clark.

The CFS-Clark was built in honor of the first President of The Confederation, Clark. Many years ago in 1996, Clark gave much of his blood and treasure to ensure the safety and continuation of The Confederation. If it was not this mans passion and and perseverance, the Zerg would have overrun the Terran and Protoss in the entire galaxy. Life as we know it would not exist. This ship was conceived and constructed as a way to honor the man that we owe so much to.

After our two Fleets were destroyed by Amons army, Confederation engineers knew they had to re-think everything from the ground up. During Amon's attack it became obvious that Amon could control the minds of any sentient being that it came across during battle, making any warship crew defenseless. With help from Protoss engineer's, the CFS-Clark is now equipped with an advanced targeting and control system allowing it to take control of any air craft stationed aboard. The ability to manually control some of the ships air craft gives the CFS-Clark an advantage on the battlefield as humans are able to choose what to destroy as opposed to automated computer targeting which is limited and sometimes unreliable.

Additionally, With Protoss shield technology given to the engineers of The Confederation, the CFS-Clark is able to stop the psionic attacks on its pilots and flight crews. This brings fights with this new enemy on to an even field. The CFS-Clark has a command staff of 35 (in game members) as well as 1000 other personal. The CFS-Clark can also make room in its hangar bays for planetary relief supplies, or about 500 marines and supporting mechanized units. The CFS-Clark is designed to sit back from the front lines and attack its enemy from a vast distance as well as support other ships closer to the fight. In a battle alone, its shields and armor will protect it for awhile but the CFS-Clark gives up tanking power in order for it to be able to hold so many aircraft, its launch bays are very vulnerable to concentrated fire power as well. The CFS-Clark never travels alone. 


Ship Crew