Class of Ship: Battleship

A. Ctuchik Mark 4 Mass Driver. Designed to fire a small asteroid at 9/10th light speed. Designed for planetary bombardment from outside conventional weapons range. Requires tug support for reloading. 

B. 8 quick launch bays for Dropships. The Crewbay on Dropships support a modular tractor system allowing the ships to tow in extra ammunition for the Ctuchik. 

C. 14 medium range Akula 5 HVM rotary launchers with a 4 second cycle time.

D. 196 Skulk 9 point auto cannons.

A. Fade Grade Metabolic Armor. Using captured Zerg creep tumors grown in a controlled environment, the external armor of the Excalibur is a self healing biometal.

B. Experimental Limited Station Drive. AKA Umbral Drive. One of the damaged ships found near the Excalibur had an intact system that was salvaged. It appears to take the ship out of known space for a limited time (A different dimension), allowing the Excalibur to dodge hostile fire. While the “Umbral” Drive is active however, the Ship is unable to attack, accelerate, or change position until it has returned to its original dimension.


The CFS-Excalibur II is built from the remains of the original CFS-Excalibur wreckage that was found in the aftermath of the original Fleets final battle years ago.

It is the representation of recent alliances, new technology, and a visual reminder of what was lost. This ship will be looked upon as one of the driving forces behind the new Fleet.
It has been dubbed "The Heart of the Fleet".


Ship Crew