Class of Ship: Heavy Cruiser

A.1 x Colossal central mounted void ray beam powered by some of the latest advancements in nuclear core technology.

B. 8 x Side mounted beam cannons. (4 on each side).

A. 10ft thick Armor Plating. (Some of the rarest and strongest metals known to existence)

B. Automated Drone Defense System. (ADDS)


This ship contains some of the heaviest artillery for The Confederation. It was a joint creation between the Protoss and Terran using technology from each combined. The entire ship was built around a Colossal weapon designed in the same way as Protoss Void Rays are, except on a much larger scale. It is so large that the rest of the ship is simply a way to move the cannon.

It is usually found nearby the CFS-Clark using its fighters to help with defense. It has heavy Terran plating and Protoss Shields as the ship takes time to get into position. The main cannon can shoot large distances and maintain a steady beam. Once the Ship is positioned, it is left at the rear of the Fleet. So when entering a skirmish, there is constant offensive support not far behind.

For added protection there are cannons on the sides that can turn a complete 360 degrees as to help with defense once it is set in position. Its final line of defense is a set of defensive drones built from raven technology that are fired out in all directions. The drones create a defensive grid from a distance which can fire at incoming ships and alert the crew so that the Ship can change position, call in reinforcements from the Fleet, or retreat.


Ship Crew