Class of Ship: Stealth Reconnaissance Ship v1

A. EMP Beam with a 115km range.

B. Rail gun 200km range.

C. 4 armed Nuclear missiles 80km range.


A. Laser defense system powered by solar panels with a 50km range. Capable of hitting any incoming target (incoming missiles, small ships, etc) before it even gets close to the Ship.

B. Stealth cloaking system powered by an experimental power core. Let's just say this Ship can stay cloaked for extended periods of time, weeks, even months.


The Sovereign is a part of a new generation of Ships built for the Confederation in preparation for the inevitable Legacy of The Void. The Sovereign is designed to be able to go on reconnaissance missions in highly contested regions and take out targets without alerting the enemy. The sovereign is a fast and maneuverable Ship which makes it ideal to be able to partake in dangerous missions that a large ship cannot do. The reason the Sovereign was built is to sneak behind enemy lines deep in space, gather information and truly know what happened to the former Fleet. The Sovereign will also conduct missions to learn more about new enemies, and to scope out the battlefield before the full Fleet arrives.

The Sovereign is equipped with an EMP beam capable of disrupting enemy communications, radar, and temporarily down the shields of an enemy ship. Also, the Ship comes loaded with a massive rail gun which uses magnetic "rails" to launch a solid, nonexplosive projectile at incredible speed that can take down enemy targets as far as 200km. Lastly, nuclear missiles which can devistate large ships such as battle cruisers and carriers from a distance of 80km.


The Ship is also equipped with a stealth system designed to be able to pass by enemy ships without alerting them. The Stealth system stores heat within the ship temporarily to keep it safe from enemy radar while being able to blend in the darkness of space with it's advanced cloaking technology. The Laser defense system can destroy incoming attacks such as missiles and drones to keep the ship safe.

The Sovereign is a nightmare for anyone that dares to challenge the Confederation. The crew will not stop until the job is done. With it's elite stealth crew, the Sovereign can deal massive damage and be gone before anyone can point a finger. When you're a target, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Sovereign and it's crew will find you.

Ship Crew