Welcome to ConFed Gaming! Home to The Confederation Keepers.  

The Keepers are ConFed's competitive team. Keepers complete regularly in Clan Wars, participate in Team Leagues, Tournaments, and have scheduled practices. 

What makes ConFed's competitive team so unique is that our team combines the passion they have for Starcraft and the Clan, then puts that together. So what the end result is, is a team of players who work together like brothers in arms. W
hen you compare ConFed's competitive team to another competitive team, we offer something unique, something special. When you play for ConFed, you know you're really going to be a part of something and have fun.

Keepers are like the Knights of Camelot, and it is important that they are as honorable and dedicated ConFed members in channel as they are good fighters in games. Keepers know the laws, and help out in general ConFed matters, occasionally even watching the channel or training other members how to play better. Keepers are NOT just members that play all the time and are really good. Far from it.

If you'd like to be a part of the Keepers, it's as easy as talking to our Sky Marshal, Orion. If there are open spots in the keepers and you meet first-glance requirements, our Guardian will play you in a Best-Of-3 tryout. The replays will then be brought to the Sky Marshal and a decision will be made based on both the match results, overall experience in speaking with you about the Keepers, and an anonymous vote from the Keepers. 
To learn more about the Keepers ranking system, click here.

Current Keeper Roster