IMPORTANT: The ZERG INCINERATION DIRECTIVE is no longer relevant to The Confederation. It is however part of the History and Lore of The Confederation from many many years ago, so it will remain on this page.


The Zerg represent a threat to the security and the welfare of The Confederation. Henceforth, all Confederation personnel will abide by the following Foreign Policy Legislation:

Section I
If any of the players in ANY multi-player game are Zerg, all Confederation players involved are required to seek them out and destroy them in that game.

Section II
NO alliances are allowed with ZERG players during game-play for any reason. (This includes 2 on 2, 2 on 3 team games, non-aggression pacts, shared melee combat etc.) In other words, no Confederation member may ALLY with a ZERG in any game.

Section III
Zerg agents are treacherous, and therefore is is an imperative no deals be struck with Zerg players during any game. (An example would be a "15" minute "No-Rushing" ban.) Zerg players, more than any others, have been proven by ConFed to break such treaties by attempting a "Quick-Kill" with a Zergling rush, henceforth, no Confederation member should forge and "deals," "Pacts," or "Bargains" with Zerg players that they do not know as friends.


The Confederation in the past has attacked and destroyed or broken apart many StarCraft "Clans" for the sole reason that those clans allowed their members to use "Zerg," without restriction. However, ConFed leaders realize now that such measures were extreme and have ordered that such policies be abolished. Henceforth, all Confederation personnel shall abide by the following Foreign Policy Legislation:

Section I
ConFed members will limit their aggression toward Zerg to "GAMES" only. Never again will a ConFed member insult, defame, slander, or TCP/IP assault any StarCraft player that uses Zerg UNLESS that person attacked the Confederation member first.

Section II
The Confederation will NOT declare war on or launch pre-emptive strikes against another Clan's channel for the sole purpose that that Clan allows its members to use "Zerg." Confederation members, however, are encouraged to challenge that Clan's members to duals and earn victories in game-play.


The Confederation prefers using GAME-PLAY to resolve all conflicts it may have with another Clan. However, other Clans do not share our ideals and will use more cowardly methods to strike at the heart of ConFed. Henceforth will all Confederation members abide by the following Foreign Policy Legislation. AGAIN, let it be known that ConFed prefers to keep the atmosphere between it and OTHER clans fun, not hostile, and prefers if at all possible resolve any inter-clan conflicts in GAME.


Policy 1: Branch Commander Clause - Power and Reach

All Branch Commanders (CRA, SSA, UMC, Keepers) will be given the authority to operate and control their branch how they see fit as long as they are operate within laws set forth under the "Laws” section of the website and within their duties as described on the website under "Ranks”.

Furthermore, any activities or actions regarding that branch from High Command or any personnel not in that Branch will require the consultation of the respective Branch leader for input and help with implementation of that idea.  

By placing a member in a position of Branch Commander this will assume that High Command has full confidence in their ability to command their branch and make decisions that we would approve of.  

Policy 2: JCOS Thread Clause - Input 

Members appointed to JCOS positions within The Confederation are the representatives for our over 100+ members.  They represent the diverse makeup of our clan and the many branches that make up ConFed.  Their input and ideas should be valued and viewed as the opinion of the clan.

Threads created by JCOS members shall not be deleted or locked unless five (5) total days have passed since the creation of the thread and can only be done so by the creator of the respective thread.  

The only exception to this would be that the conversation has reached a point that would ultimately harm The Confederation or reflect badly upon JCOS.  If this point is reached, someone may post and ask that the thread be locked or deleted, which can only be done by the thread creator.

If the thread creator refuses to lock or delete his/her thread, does not respond after 48 hours has passed since the time of the lock/delete request AND the thread clearly has reached a point that would harm The Confederation or reflect badly upon JCOS, a High Command member may do so.

Policy 3: Policy Proposal Clause 

The JCOS Members of The Confederation hold the right to propose policy and law changes for consideration by High Command.

The stated policy or law proposal must come with a specific name (Strength, Pride, Unity Act of 2014) and any clauses (Policy Proposal Clause, JCOS Thread Clause, Branch Commander Clause).  Additionally, the proposal must have a Co-Sponsor (another JCOS member who supports the proposal).  

Upon releasing the proposal, the JCOS would have 48 hours to cast their vote on the thread.  JCOS members who are not High Command will be allowed to vote.

If the passage of the bill is approved, then it will be sent to High Command to be voted upon for consideration.  

Once it arrives at High Command, the three Advisors will cast their vote to decide if it should be sent to the President or not.  In the event of a tie, the Vice President will cast the tie breaking vote.

If the bill is passed and sent to the President’s desk, he will then have 48 hours to either sign the bill into law or veto it.  If more than 5 days goes by, the bill automatically becomes law.

In the event of a veto, the bill can still become law if all JCOS members (excluding the President) vote in favor of the proposed bill.

This Policy does not override the privileges currently set in place detailed in the High Command Ranks and Descriptions page.