Welcome to The Confederation's Keeper Academy.  If you are a new member, welcome to ConFed!  If you are viewing this Academy, that means you are interested in or you joined ConFed because you are here for one of these reasons:
Competitive Gaming
Diamond / Low Masters Clan Wars
Weekly Training
Continuous Gameplay Improvement
If your reason is not on this list above, but it is similar to one of those, then don't worry, you're good to go!  This Academy will train you in the basics of ConFed's operations as well as inform you about our competitive team.  
If you are interested in General Members or Casual/Semi-Competitive Gaming, etc then you are in the wrong place.  Please click here to be directed to our Cadet Academy.

There may only be 7 Elite Enforcers in the Keeper Branch, but the spots for the Keeper Academy are unlimited. Applications are reviewed as a first come first serve basis. 
If you have limited availability, are known to BM, or have the intelligence of a child, please click the X in the top right hand corner of your browser, or go back to the home page. 
Course Outline
Welcome -
- ConFed Laws -
- ConFed History -
- Get Plugged In -
- ConFed Leadership -
What are the Keepers -
What does it take to be a Keeper -
Keeper Academy Application -
- Click Here to Begin Your Training -
Good luck.

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