The Academy Part Nine SSA
"Just so you and me are both 100% clear on this. If you're the shady type of person and you think you can get away with double clanning or hacking, the SSA will remove you so fast you won't be able to stand up out of your bunk."

The Confederation has retired this branch after the introduction of ConFed Operations, which contains the Director of Security.  This page will be preserved to honor the tradition and legacy of all former SSA members.  The A~6 will remain active and classified.

The Stellar Security Administration, or SSA, is responsible for the continued security and well being of The Confederation.  While their duties have changed since Brood War, they remain a vital part of protecting and moderating our forums, channels, and keeping smurfs or hackers out of ConFed.

While the SSA is the ‘public face’ for Confederation security, we also have a classified branch called A~6.  The A~6 Commander reports to the President and handles all classified security issues.  All information regarding the current members of A~6 as well as their duties are classified and protected by Confederation law.

Do be aware that The Confederation views security as a vital part of ConFed.  The SSA and A~6 are constantly on the lookout for serious breaches in our security and will protect the clan’s interests at all costs.   

If SSA work appeals to you, you can apply for transfer as soon as you attain the rank of Sergeant in the UMC.