Welcome to The Confederation and the Starbase Vangard.  The Vangard is where all new members are assigned while completing their Academy training.  Once you have completed this course and passed your Entrance Exam, you will then be assigned to one of our Confederation Fleet Starships and will await a response to your Keeper Academy Application.  

The Vangard is the primary hub for all our ships in the entire sector as well as the main base of operations for the Cadet and Keeper Academy. If you have any questions regarding this Academy, please talk to Sky Marshall Jacobis or message any Officer of ConFed Community.

This Academy will contain a shorter version of the Cadet Academy, which informs you about the daily operations of The Confederation as well as information regarding our competitive division.  Upon completion of this Academy, you will be asked to fill out a 5 question review of the Keeper Academy as well as fill out your Academy Application.

Now, Cadet, if you are ready to begin, please click "Next" below to be taken to the first Academy session.