Keepers Hall of Fame

The Keepers Hall of Fame was started in an effort to further recognize the hard work and effort of The Confederation's Keepers Branch.  To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, a Keeper must demonstrate the outstanding characteristics and traits of a true Confederation member.  If you believe a Keeper should be nominated to be on this list, please contact a JCOS or High Command member.  

We are currently working to complete the Starcraft: Brood War section of the list, please accept our apologies.


"The Confederation Keepers were known throughout the Battle Net community as ruthless opponents on the battlefield. They represented The Confederation and upheld the values which we stand for: Strength, Pride, Unity. Upon our return to Battle Net and Starcraft, that legacy remained intact. As we began to rebuild, we realized that true progress could not be started until we laid the proper foundation for our Keepers division. Not only do our Keepers uphold and defend The Confederation, but they are role models and examples of the true competitive nature that is engrained in ConFed.

The Keeper Hall of Fame is designed to recognize the achievements of members in this competitive division for their hard work and service to the Keeper Branch as well as to the Keeper Academy. Additionally, an inductee must demonstrate not only excellent gameplay, but must show with his actions what it truly means to be a Confederation Keeper. We value their skill and expertise of the game that we all love. On the battlefield, its more than strategy and build orders to them, it's an art.

I am starting this Keepers Hall of Fame to signal the importance of recognizing those who may go unnoticed as they grind on the ladder, practice, plan or play in Clan Wars, or even process Academy applications. They have shown an unmatched dedication to their clan and teammates. In just a few short months, they have helped to lay the solid foundation for us to build a powerful and efficient competitive team which will return to the Battle Net and Starcraft 2 stage in style and strength.

Below, you will see the names of our current Keepers and their initial Join Date and Keeper Rank. Without these members, our Keepers would not be where they are today. They will forever be recognized as the inaugural class of Hall of Fame inductees. Please remember to always show respect and gratitude for all Confederation members, but especially those who are listed as a Legend or apart of the Keeper Hall of Fame.

While everyone below has earned their spot in the Keeper Hall of Fame, I would like to note the hard work of our retired Keeper and current Vice Admiral Jacobis who has played an integral part in the formation of our Clan War system, Keeper Academy, and Keepers branch. His expertise and loyalty to ConFed has not gone unnoticed and the results of his hard work are visible today.

I am honored to have the opportunity to present you, the first inductees of The Confederation's Keeper Hall of Fame."

 ~President Oblivion


I hereby announce the inaugural class of Hall of Fame inductees as of Monday, May 5th, 2014: