Okay let's face it, this is some pretty boring stuff.  But you are not going to be an efficient ConFed member unless you know it, so we'll make it short and sweet.  Here is a summary of each article of law for you to put in your long-term memory. Remember, only High Command has the power to alter any of these Laws.

Article 1 - Ranks
All members must understand who holds higher authority in the Clan than they do. It is each members responsibility to study this web site and know who holds a higher rank than they do.
Article 2 - Loyalty
All members who Enlist in The Confederation are required to maintain complete loyalty.  If you have multiple accounts, you must refrain from associating another clan’s tag to that account. That means no double clanning.
Article 3 - Respect
Every day you come online you represent ConFed. You represent all the years of hard work, dedication, and drive from those before you. Every action you make in-clan and outside of Clan has a ripple throughout the Starcraft 2 Community. 

We expect that all members show the up-most respect and maturity towards other members and other players at all times. In cases of dispute, please take it up in a private channel or contact a ConFed Officer to assist you in dealing with it. Failure to do so will result in a warning. Second offense will result in 1 Rank demotion. Third offense will result in your removal from ConFed. In the event a ConFed member BM's in a public event, the severity of the punishment will jump to Second offense. Think before you speak. 

This applies in-game, on Forums, TeamSpeak, and any other SC2/Bnet related instance.

To learn how to report a bad manner incident, click here.
Article 4 - Spamming
Please do not spam in any Confederation channels. Doing so may result in a warning or kick from the channel.
Article 5 - Resignation
In the event that you decide to leave The Confederation, there are two different circumstances that you should be aware of. If you are banned from The Confederation, any requests to be readmitted will require a vote of the High Command. If you were removed for inactivity, or left on your own, ask an Officer to rejoin and you will receive your tag back, however you will start as Rank: Private. Under no circumstances are we obligated to approve your petition to rejoin, so think twice before you click "Leave Clan” or before you get yourself banned.
Article 6 -  Arguments
If you experience a disagreement or issue with another clan member, you are not to argue or fight in any Confederation channel.  You are asked to either contact a ConFed Community Officer or settle the disagreement in game.  Failure to comply will result in the removal of both parties.  
Article 7 - Cheating
There is a strict zero tolerance policy towards cheating or hacking of any kind.  If you are found to have falsified game reports or cheat / hack in any Clan Event (Tournaments, Clan Wars, Scrimmages) you will receive a lifetime ban.  
Article 8 - Promotions
All promotions must follow the chain of command listed on the Ranks page of the website.  Failure to comply with the proper chain of command will result in your expulsion from the clan. Promotions to Vice Admiral and above will require approval of High Command.
Article 9 - Activity Requirements
We request members who wish to be a member of The Confederation to maintain a minimal activity level to ensure their spot in [ConFed] or [xCFx].  We perform regular Cadet as well as member inactive reports frequently.  If you are found to have both requirements below, you will be moved to the Inactive group on the website and will have the tag removed.  
Please notify a JCOS or High Command member in the event you know you will be going "Inactive” and please give a date when we can expect your return.  We understand everyone has a real life and will do our best to accommodate your needs.
In order to be considered Inactive you must meet the following 2 criteria: 3 Weeks (21 Days) no last game played and 3 Weeks (21 Days) no last website log in. 
Article 10 - Expansion Requirement
You must have the latest SC2 Expansion in order to be invited to The Confederation.
Article 11 - Age Limit
You are required to be 13 years or older to be an official member of The Confederation.   
Article 12 - Enjoy
The ultimate goal for The Confederation is to provide a fun, active, and organized community.  Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the activities we provide for our members!
Updated September 2015 by Security Advisor CrunChy