Rules and Information

Welcome to the official Rules and Information page for Ship Wars. Below you will learn exactly how the structure of Ship Wars works and what YOU need to know in order to participate.

How does the structure work? 

Ship Wars is a 1 week period in which members from one Ship face members from another Ship, either in 1v1 or 2v2.

Both players must agree on the game counting towards Ship Wars before it begins. The winning member or team names their replay "Ship - Name vs Name - Date" (This is to keep you organized). Next, the winning member or team would report to their Captain/Vice Admiral/Admiral to have them personally review the replay. That's it, its that easy!


To clarify on what you (the Ship crew) need to do;
1. If you're going solo, find an opponent from another Ship and ask them if they'd like to 1v1 and have it count for Ship Wars. If you want to 2v2, find a partner from your Ship and then find 2 people from another Ship and ask them if they'd like to 2v2 and have it count for Ship Wars. 1v1 Wins are worth 2 points. 2v2 Wins are worth 1 Point

2. If they say yes, then host on a map of both players agreement from the current 1v1 or 2v2 Ladder map pool. If they say no, then look for another player or another team.

3. Once the match is complete, the winner must rename the replay in their replays to "Ship - Name vs Name - Date" (EX: Clark - CrunChy vs Remo - 2-27-15) (EX: Clark - NeonFire GiggleSmirk vs Nazty Telos - 2-27-15) 

4. The winner must find a Captain, Vice Admiral, or an Admiral to view the replay with them in order for the game to count for Ship Wars. You will be asked to upload your replay as well. (The Fleet Admiral and High Command are also able to view replays)

5. That's it! The rest of process will be taken care of by one of the respective Ranks mentioned above.

Further Rules; (Failure to comply with Event rules will result in immediate disqualification)
1. No Cheating. ConFed will be hard at work to ensure that Ship Wars is fair and accurate. If you are found to be cheating you will be disqualified from Ship Wars, lose your Rank, and any points that you contributed prior will be revoked.

2. No Hacking.
3. Current Season Maps only.

4. Both players or Teams must agree to the match counting for Ship Wars.

5. No BM. 

6. If a disconnect within a game occurs, the recover from replay feature may be used.

7. If a pause is needed, the allowed pause time is what blizzard already permits in game. Any longer will result in an automatic loss for the player who paused.

8. You must have achieved Rank: Private and have been placed on a Ship to participate.


Have fun!