Hello ConFed!

This is an exciting time for our clan and for the Starcraft community in general. LotV has been announced to be released on November 10th. That's not very far away guys! I'm sure you are all as excited as I am.

There has been a lot changing lately, more than I can personally keep track of. Thankfully ConFed has a deep command structure and a lot of good officers. As such, I'm going to let a number of these officers speak about their respective areas of responsibility.


The Twinkle Little Star League is one of The Confederation's next big events. It is a season long group of tournaments with finals to determine the best StarCraft player in the Confederation. There will be a preseason during the month of October to work out the kinks of the tournament and it will officially Launch with Legacy of the Void.

The tournaments will take place on Wednesday at 9:00pm EDT. Keep a look out for additional information as we get closer to October.


Ensign ShazamPoof


Our weekly events have recently been lackluster due to staffing issues. This needs to be resolved by installing new officers to run these events and commit to either being present, or assigning someone to run the event if they cannot.

Due to his new job, ZZZ can no longer run arcade night on Mondays. An attempt to move this to Sunday has conflicted with our clan war scheduling. So, any officer interested in being the new manager for Arcade Nights (Mondays at 9PM EST) , please message me on the website, teamspeak or in-game.

Training Night has been split, to accommodate both HOTS and Legacy Beta. Tyrael will be hosting the Legacy one, So for anyone interested in taking the helm for HOTS Training Night, please contact me as stated above.

Thank you,

Domestic Advisor NeonFire

ConFed has really ramped up it's activity as of lately! There are lots of Clan events and projects that are going on. I hope that everyone is enjoying the increased activity. ConFed has also been working on some projects in the background as well.

Recently we've migrated our auto-updating rosters page to it's own server, which gives us more reliability and saves on costs. More $$ for Clan activities and functions, yay! biggrin

Even more exciting, we are currently working on transforming a vast majority of our static website pages into a more wiki like format. Our pages will look more organized and be easier to edit. This transformation will allow us to to go crazy with permission settings and keep a more accurate/specific log of website activity too. - Big thanks to Shortland for the help.

Keep up the good work everyone! Have fun and enjoy as we approach Legacy of The Void!

Best regards,

Security Advisor CrunChy

Hello clan members and members of the UMC. As we approach the launch of Legacy of the Void the UMC has some great events planned. Firstly we will be running Ship Squads, one of our popular internal clan events, as an ongoing tournament series spanning over 4 events including a final. All of the events will be streamed on our twitch.

Next we have been waiting until the official launch date for LOTV to announce that we will be running our annual 24 hour Charity stream for St. Judes Children's Hospital and we will be doing it on the launch of Legacy of the Void! The event will be open to all UMC and clan members and will go 24 hours non-stop. Our previous stream was a huge success with a huge turnout, a lot of fun and we managed to raise a few hundred dollars for the children - something we will be aiming to beat this year!

It's time to get training, join up for our training nights and prepare for these events and the launch of LOTV!


Fleet Admiral Doadrift

As I transition out of CFA to VP, I am still maintaining the CTL Team and our Clan Wars. I try to keep our CWs to about one a weekend so we leave room for everyone else. Right now we're moving on a hot stream, top seeded in the All Kill league, and moving in to Group Stage Two of CTL we're second seed right now. Keep up the good work everyone!

And to make things even better, we won every single game we played in this last week's chobo team league. Grats!


Vice President Darwin

Well guys, I don't want to keep everyone too long so let me just say this. You, the members, are what make this clan great. I look forward to the adventure ahead as we migrate to Legacy of the Void and all the games we will play.


President Remo