Good Evening Gents,

First off, I'd like to thank all of you for supporting me and being completely cooperative, as I adjust to the President position.  I promise you all, to give my absolute best. It has been awesome seeing all the events and teamspeak activity that we've had recently! So thanks again, for making this as seam-less as possible. To assist me with this process, I've promoted some outstanding members! Please take the time to congratulate these officers on their promotions!

  - StarTaledBoB,
     I have made Bob the Vice President. He is a very hard working member, and would do anything for the clan. He knows just about everyone on the clan as well. 

  - Remo,
    I have appointed Remo to Security Advisor! He has some very exciting custom website work that is looking more incredible everyday. He has shown maturity and stability in adverse situations, and is perfect for CSA!

  - Zmic,
    I have appointed Zmic to Domestic Advisor! Zmic retired earlier this year and received Legend status.  Recently, he has come back to activity and wanted to help as much as possible! He has always been a dedicated member, and truly knows ConFed in and out. 

  - TheBigTg,
    I have promoted TG from Fleet Admiral to CFA.  It is my belief that this will fit him best. He has always been a dedicated member, and I'm glad to have him on High Command!

  - JDman,
    JDman has been appointed to Fleet Admiral.  JDman has held nearly every position in ConFed, but never fleet admiral.  I have been talking to him alot lately, and we have a similar vision for the officers. With his work on the Warrant Officer program, I think this is ideal!

In the past, promotions took a lot longer.  One of my biggest priorities at first was stabilizing the leadership.  These members have always gone above and beyond for ConFed, and having these gents in High Command, will help us grow as a clan and community. *Salutes*

Now, there's been many changes already starting to happen, and more will be following.  I wanted to give you all a little heads-up on what to expect.  We've had several JCOS meetings, and together have come up with some great ideas.  We've changed a little bit about how the rank structure is going to work, as well as refocused officer duties. Also with the assistance of Oblivion, we have formed the "Elders Board." 

   -  Officer's Duties:
      If you want to be an officer on the Confederation, we have four areas where our Ensigns through captains will be focusing:
      1. Recruitment
      2. Events
      3. Website Admin
      4. Casting

  -  Rank Changes:
     Before, you kept automatically ranking up to captain. This made some people officers, that didn't really want to be. From here on out, you will rank from cadet to Master Sergeant, and then stop.  To go higher than Master Sergeant, you must complete the Warrant officer training program.  Warrant officer will be a rank between Master Sergeant and Ensign.  This will be a 14 day training period, that will help train our new officers how to be effective as an Ensign.  So some of you may have noticed a small demotion in rank. Keep in mind, this was a move to make it more clear as to what your rank means in the Confederation.  We will be making an official post on the details of the Warrant officer program, but if helping out in these areas interests you, pm Jdman.

  -  Elder's Board:
     With the help of Oblivion I have formed the "Elder's Board."  The goal of the Elder's Board was two-part. I wanted to give long time members the ability to influence the core of the Confederation, as well as give retired members a voice to High command. My vision for Elder's board is to act as a supreme court. They will make final changes to ConFed Laws, as well as decisions on Legend Status.  We are still finalizing who's eligible for this board, so expect a post in the near future.

I would like to take a moment to recognize Yachtmaster. *Tips Hat* He has been killing it as Sky Marshall! Thanks for everything you're doing in Keepers Yachtmaster! Also, shout-out to all the keepers! Thanks for all your activity and dedication. It's been great watching clan wars and cheering for y'all!

Look forward to how these changes impact the clan. I sincerely believe this is all for the best. If you have any ideas for events, feel free to post them on the board and we'll try to host it! Thank you for your time in reading this! All Hail the Confederation!

 President Jacobis