Greetings Cadets,
Welcome to The Confederation!  On behalf of our current members as well as the thousands of former members, we welcome you to a one-of-a-kind experience.  Here at ConFed we are proud to offer our rich history as well as organized leadership to provide our members with the best clan experience on Starcraft 2.
We hope that throughout your Academy Training you are starting to become familiar with the variety of events and ways you can get connected with The Confederation as a member.  Additionally, I hope you recognize the importance of every member in our clan and that you play apart in the continuation of the history of ConFed.
If you have any questions about The Confederation or anything that you have read here, feel free to contact me via the Forums or on Starcraft 2.  I will answer any questions or comments that you may have!  
Thank you for your interest in The Confederation! Please join "ConFed Community" in sc2 group chats. Please post on the "Introduce yourself here" section of the forums and you will have achieved your next Rank: Private. If you do not post within 15 days of joining, you will be removed from The Confederation.
Warm Regards, 
    President JDman