There are several Events that The Confederation organizes for our members.  Below, we will outline for you every event which you can sign up for once you pass your Entrance Exam!

Ship Wars
Director: Fleet Admiral Doadrift
Ship Wars is a tri-monthly event that will showcase battles between ships in our UMC.  Over the course of 1 week, these Ships will compete to gain wins / points with the goal of being crowned the champion in the finals. You can learn more about Ship Wars by clicking "Ship Wars" at the top of our website.
StarFleet Tournaments
Director: Domestic Advisor -----
StarFleet Tournaments are our main 1v1 / 2v2 Tournaments. They are only open to Confederation Members who have passed their Entrance Exam.  We typically will have Bronze-Gold, Platinum-Diamond and Diamond-Masters Bracket so that all players have an equal chance to be crowned the victor.  We will advertise in SC2 as well as on the front page of the website when Registration opens.  
Open Clan Tournaments
Director: Foreign Advisor Darwin
Open Clan Tournaments are open to the public. Open Clan Tournaments will be played with a 32 man bracket composed of members from ConFed as well as the general SC2 Community.  The Confederation puts on this event to allow anyone in SC2 to enjoy the benefits of having organized tournaments.  Additionally, it is fun for our members to see some fresh faces on the brackets.  We are continuing to improve the experience of our Open Clan Tournament and hope to keep up the success thus far.
Arcade Night
Director: Vice Admiral ZZZ
Arcade Night is a weekly event that allows members to come together and enjoy the less competitive or stressful side of SC2.  We will gather on Monday evenings and enjoy Arcade Games.  These range from Zealot Hockey, CTF, Photon Cycles, Phantom Mode, and much more.  For every Arcade Night you attend, you earn a Confederation Star which will help you rank up in the clan.  To earn this, you just have to come online and play!
Training Night
Director: Admiral JDman
Training Night is a weekly event hosted on Thursdays that helps our players improve their skills. This is done in a PeepMode on a current ladder pool map. Players will be able to watch matches and assist each other based on what they saw during the game. All members that attend also will receive a Confederation Star on the website
Clan Wars
Director: CDA for Diamond and below. Foreign Advisor for Masters and above.
ConFed has regular Clan Wars every week. Diamond Clan Wars are frequent. We even have frequent Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Clan Wars too! If you'd like to participate in a Clan War make sure you talk to whoever is designated in charge of the Clan War. You'll always be able to find this information on the Events tab in Community Chat.