With over 150 members, it can be somewhat intimidating getting plugged into The Confederation.  While we encourage you to be in the channel and register for events, there are a few other ways you can meet other members. 

TeamSpeak 3
Download Link: Click Here
The Confederation hosts a private, dedicated server for our members.  Simply download the TS3 Client to your computer and enter in our server information.  Our server is: confederation.typefrag.com.  You will need the current password to log onto the server, so please contact another member of ConFed Community and they will Private Message you the information.
We also have forums on our website which you are free to post in!  There are several categories from ConFed related activities to strategy and even eSports.  Please click "Forums" above to be directed to all those threads.  This is a great place to talk about current events in and out of the eSports community as well.
ConFed Community
Our main group is "ConFed Community".  Since we have two clan's we use this to make sure everyone stays connected.  Additionally, this is a great way for the public to have access to our clan as well as leadership in the need they want to schedule a Clan War, practice, advertise a tournament, or even ask to be recruited.
Please idle in this channel at all times!