Our clan has a very structured and complex ranking structure which we want to promote all our members to utilize.  This is especially important if you're interested in climbing the ladder to a leadership position.  Below, the ranking structure will be outlined for the Leadership and UMC positions.


High Command


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The High Command is divided between the President, Vice President, and Advisors.  There are three current Advisors: Foreign, Domestic, Security.  These Advisors help the President and Vice President host events, update administrative items, and help determine the direction of the clan.
United Military Command (UMC)
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Our UMC is the main branch of The Confederation.  As mentioned before, the UMC is the branch that participates in Ship Wars.  The Ranks are a progressive structure from Private -> Fleet Admiral.  There are variety of requirements to rank up, which can all be found by clicking the "Entire Ranks List" link.  
The UMC or United Military Command is made up of two fleets, each holding two ships.  Below you will see how our UMC is organized:
Fleet 1
  • CFS-Clark
  • CFS-Sovereign
Fleet 2
  • CFS-Raszagal
  • CFS-Excalibur II
Upon reaching the end of this Academy and posting on our Introduce yourself here thread, you will be placed on Confederation Fleet Starship. The Ship will be your new home in ConFed, you'll have a crew you associate with and a Captain you report to for promotions, questions, etc.
If you are interested in a leadership position, you may contact a JCOS or High Command member to learn about the option to be a Commander, Captain, or Vice Admiral of a ship.
To see a complete overview of the UMC, please visit the Rosters Page.  To learn more about the UMC’s ranking structure, please go here.