The Confederation has a rich and diverse history which spans almost two decades.  Below, we are going to highlight some important moments in Confederation history for you to remember.  To help with your history less, we are going to allow Nuke, the former Academy Director teach you.

"Listen up Cadets, it's time to get your ass in gear and learn some real facts about the History of The Confederation"

The Confederation was created in August of 1997 by Clark.  To this very day, we still operate under the same setup which President Clark created almost twenty years ago.  Throughout the years, we have went through good and bad times.  During our peak, we boasted a member count around 500 members.   Within that number included our Confederation Keepers, which is the competitive division of ConFed.  We were also home to notable players such as: HotCatZ (CatZ), HuK, and HotMed (Drewbie) as well as SyXx, FriZZ, Roland, Tiesto, Vikter, & Tear.  The Keepers were a notable group of players in the Starcraft community and were also the champions of several Tournaments and Events.  Our Keepers were consistently A- / B+ on iCCup and PGTour.  Additionally, we were regular competitors in Division 2 of WGTCL.


Throughout our years on Starcraft / Starcraft: Brood War, we made a huge impact on the community.  Along the way, we encountered supporters as well as those who dedicated themselves in the disruption of our clan operations.  Channel flooding/spamming, website attacks, as well as verbal attacks against our members were not uncommon.  While these prevented challenges for our clan and members, we overcame such attacks and emerged a stronger clan.   


Our nearly two decades on Battle Net and Starcraft has allowed us to enjoy the great times as well as endure the bad ones.  Through these hardships, we have become a stronger clan and in turn have brought a level of stability that most clans only dream of.  Through our ranks and organization, we have been able to endure changes in leadership as well as the transition from Brood War to Starcraft 2.  


As we enter into this new era on Starcraft 2, our hope is to regain our status as one of the premiere clans and communities to be apart of.  While our competitive division is in the early stages of redevelopment, our future is bright.  Our goal is that we continue to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to every member and that the name ConFed is never forgotten.  


As of July 2014, The Confederation is proud to report 150 members as well as a Community of almost 650 members!

We continue to make history with the passing of each and every day. After reading a short glimpse of our rich history, we hope you're excited to be apart of the history making.