The Confederation will be hosting an in-clan only 1v1 Tournament on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at 7pm EST. This tournament is for leagues gold-platinum only.


Players are asked to be online at least 15 minutes early in "ConFed Community". From there you will check in with the Tournament host where you will then be invited to a private tournament channel.


Click here to register.


-No cheating/hacking.
-If you disconnect you may use the "recover from replay" feature.
-You must mute your headset if on TeamSpeak
-If you are more than 10 minutes late, it will count as a forfeit.
-If you waiting to play your next player and go afk AND you are not back within 10 minutes of your opponent winning their last match, it will count as a forfeit.
-Follow basic ConFed law and normal rules that would apply to most 1v1 Tournaments.

Match Information:

-Each set is Best of 3. The Finals are Best of 5. The starting maps for each set have been chosen for you, the loser always picks the next map from the current season 1v1 map pool. You may not repeat maps in the same set.

Starting maps:

1. FallenAngel.300 Platinum Zerg
2. Jaximus.824 Gold Zerg
3. NeonFire.996 Gold Protoss - May not be here
4. Burn.787 Gold Protoss
5. Remo.538 Platinum Terran
6. Doadrift.506 Gold Zerg
7. War.1817 Gold Terran
8. Yodaddy.460 Gold Protoss
9. InsaneAsylum. 638 Platinum Protoss

Ro8 - Start on Echo LE
Ro4 - Start on Vaani Research Station
Ro2 - Start on Cactus Valley


First Place - 1 Combat Pin Award on our website. 2 hour practice session from a Keeper of your choice.
Second Place - 2 Confederation Star Awards on our website.
Everyone else - 1 Confederation Star Award on our website.

Additional information:

-Brackets will be made available shortly before the Tournament begins.
-CrunChy.136 will be in charge this Tournament, be sure to report each set result to him!

Hope to see all of you there!

Organized by,
President CrunChy