So you've decided you want to learn about the Keepers, Fantastic! Below you're going to find some basic information regarding what the Keepers are and what they do.

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What Are Keepers?

The Keepers (Khadarin Elite Enforcement and Protection Service) are ConFed's best fighters, our most apt players, and probably better than most anyone else on Keepers have to be this good, because when they fight in Clan vs Clan Battles, they defend The Confederation's honor and that of it's members, and so they have to win. 

Think of the Keepers like the knights of Camelot. It is important that they are as honorable and dedicated ConFed members in channel as they are good fighters in games. Keepers know the laws, and help out in general ConFed matters, occasionally even watching the channel or training other members how to play better. Keepers are not just skilled players who ladder all day. They are far from it.

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