Whoa, you clicked the Next button. This must mean you really do want to learn about the Keepers. 

In this section, you're going to learn what it takes to become a Keeper. This is not an easy or quick process, only the most truly dedicated of individuals will actually complete the Keeper Academy.

Keeper Academy Process

1. You must Apply to become a part of the "Keeper Academy".

2. The Academy Director or Keeper Rep will review your application and deem if you are ready to try out for the Keeper Academy.

3. The Academy Director or Keeper Rep will talk and play with you personally. 

4. The Academy Director or Keeper Rep will give you a set of guidelines to work on. This can range anywhere from a League promotion, to a higher win percent in a certain match up. You will be able to find your name and the guidelines set for you on the main Keeper Academy page. (Where you started)

5. Once you have accomplished your objectives and have demonstrated that you are a dedicated player for ConFed, the Keepers will review your statistics and also evaluate your gameplay before making a final decision regarding your acceptance to the Keepers.  If you are denied, you will be placed back into the Academy with additional objectives.

If you are deemed not yet ready for a Keeper position then your time in the Academy will either be extended, or you will be removed. Remember, while in the Keeper Academy you may still Rank up in the United Military Command.

Keeper Requirements

1. In order to remain a Keeper you must constantly be active, practice regularly, be well mannered, know the laws, and help other players. 

2. You must always be ready for a Clan War. This means you will need to be able to be reached on short notice. 

3. You must maintain a 1v1 ladder bonus pool below 350 at all times. 

4. Download and Install GroupMe and be invited to the Keepers group.

5. Receive the invitation to the Confederation Keepers group on Starcraft 2.

If you can keep up with these requirements then you will have no problem in the Keeper branch. 

Remember, we are here to have fun. If you can't follow these rules and maintain a non-stressed and friendly personality while understanding the only reason you are in the Keeper Branch is because you love Starcraft and the Clan, then the Keepers are not for you.

Keeper Academy Structure

There are two designated positions inside the Keeper Academy.  Those who are apart of the Keeper Academy also have an official rank within ConFed, which you can see via the Rosters page.  Below, we will outline the positions and their duties.

Academy Director YachtMaster

The Academy Director is the main supervisor for the Keeper Academy.  His job is to ensure that all applicants are approved and entered into the Academy as well as the Keeper GroupMe.  Additionally, he will oversee the review process and make sure that the Academy stays up-to-date by removing those members who are no longer active.  Additionally, he will be actively looking for potential members to add to our Acadmey and will work with the Keepers to make sure we select the best talent to represent The Confederation.  All issues or problems should be directed towards President Oblivion or Academy Director Jacobis.

Reports to: President 

Can give orders to: Academy Members

Keeper Representative TBD

The Keeper Representative will be responsible for assisting the Academy Director as needed.  He will also serve as the official liaison for the Keepers to make sure the Academy is producing members that are Keeper material.  He also has the ability to process and approve applications as well as assist in the review process.  This position must be filled at all times.  High Command will decide the person who is selected as the Keeper Representative.

Reports to: High Command, Academy Director

Can give orders to: Academy Members