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Greetings Confederation Members,


I would like to thank everyone who came out tonight for our Gold-Diamond StarFleet Tournament.  It was a fun evening with a lot of interesting games that will certainly be remembered.  We had two members rise to the top in tonight’s tournament.  Those members were  Perverted(ConFed) and MattFT(ConFed).

Perverted joined The Confederation about 10 minutes before the start of the tournament and quickly moved his way up to the finals, going undefeated except for one game in the semi-finals against ShazamPoof.  MattFT fought his way past VTarlack and Zeus to earn his way into the Finals tonight.

Even though he experienced a one game slip in his winning streak, Perverted managed to win the finals unscathed in a 3-0 victory over MattFT.

  • Perverted will receive a Gold Combat Pin for coming in first place.
  • MattFT will receive a Silver Combat Pin for coming in second. 
  • All participtants will receive 15 Reputation points that will allow you to rank up in the clan.


Additionally, this night would not be complete without acknowledging our amazing caster, Liaison who skillfully commentated the whole evening on our Official Confederation Stream.  For his hard work, he will receive 15 Reputation Points and a Confederation Star.


Don’t forget that we are still in the process of rebuilding our competitive team.  We are currently looking for members, preferably Platnium+, to attend our weekly Keeper Practices on Thursday nights at 10pm EST.  Please contact Daedalus, Motion, or a member of High Command if you have any interests in becoming a Keeper.   


Thank you for an amazing night of games, fun, and laughter.  I hope to see you all continue to sign-up for Confederation Events!  Please stay tuned for our next event which should be happening either next week, or the week after.  This event will be designed for our lower league players. 




Domestic Advisor Oblivion

Views: 366 | Added by: Oblivion | Date: 2014/January/14


After over 6 hours, our first StarFleet Tournament of 2014 has concluded and a victor has been named.  Not only was this tournament one of the longest in Confederation history, I would argue that it was one of the most competitive.  We saw matchups of every combination and some pretty elaborate strategies in these match ups.

After an exciting finals round, INnoVation took an early lead in the finals with a 2-0 against FXOaviv.   FXOaviv regrouped and managed to tie it up, 2-2.  It all came down to the final round, a TvP matchup.  INnoVation defeated FXOaviv in the final round making the final score 3-2. 

  • INnoVation will receive a Gold Combat Pin for coming in First Place.
  • FXOaviv will receive a Silver Combat Pin for coming in Second Place.
  • Everyone in attendance at tonight’s event will receive 15 Reputation Points that will help you rank up in the clan. 

I hope everyone enjoyed your time at tonight’s StarFleet Tournament.  Please visit our YouTube page in the upcoming days to watch a recap of the Tournament.  Additionally, if you have any replays that you’d like to submit to be shown on this page, please contact Captain DarkRain or Foreign Advisor TheBigTG.

Special thanks to SSA Director Zmic for Streaming all night and also to his guest Casters Cryptys and Faded.



Confederation Domestic Advisor Oblivion

Views: 351 | Added by: Oblivion | Date: 2014/January/11


Over the course of the last month there have been pressing issues with regards to getting more positions of responsibility filled within the Clan so that it may operate more smoothly and more dynamically. 

We are addressing these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I am pleased to announce our newest addition to High Command, Foreign Advisor TheBigTG. 

TheBigTG has shown loyalty, dedication, reliability, patience, pride, a pursuit of responsibility, and maturity during his time with ConFed. His interests also include helping the Clan with regards to Foreign Affairs, such as social media and hosting open Clan Tournaments. The combination of these qualities has justified him as a fitting addition to our High Command Branch.

TheBigTG will still take on the role of Fleet Admiral until a replacement is ready to assume the position. 

Please give him your Salute when you see him.

Additionally, w
ithin the last 3 weeks we have made a number of other yet notable promotions. The following have received a promotion in which allows them to help contribute to the Inter-Clan structure and retain a more "responsible" role within the Clan.

  • Sky Marshall Daedalus
  • Commandant JDman
  • Drill Sergeant Fowler
  • First Sergeant Kool
  • Admiral Fleet 1 ZZZ
  • Vice Admiral ShazamPoof
  • Captain Beta
  • Captain DarkRain
I believe that all the members mentioned above will go above and beyond their Call of Duty and help progress the Clan forward.

Thank you for your time,
President CrunChy
Views: 325 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2014/January/02


The State of the Clan Address is meant to be an update as to the current "State" of the Clan for all Confederation members, and those interested.

As you are all aware it's that time of year. That time of year where the holidays are near, the weather is colder, and people are a little more cheer. 

What can you expect from the Clan?
Everyone is a little busier, focusing on their family and friends during this time of year. You can expect the High Command and JCOS members alike to be a little less active. 

That does not mean we are halting Recruiting, Promotions, Cadet Testing, or Events.

How can you help?
When you're active and online, be in the Clan channel! Why? Because it looks better for new recruits. No one wants to join a Clan that doesn't have all it's members in the main channel. Advertise our Clan and our Community Channel in your games. It is as simple as copying and pasting the website/Clan Channel at the start of each match.

Have someone you liked playing with? Direct them to our Community Channel or our Website. Recruiting is one of our top priorities.

Post on the Forums! The Forums are a fun place where you can talk about everything and anything freely. A healthy looking Forum makes for a healthy looking Clan.

Each Week we host a Clan Scrimmage Night. Each Scrimmage Night will take place on Wednesdays between the hours of 7-10pm EST. Those who participate do recieve awards on our website. Want to learn more? Go here.

There will a 8-16 man 1v1 Tournament in the near future. The time/details of the Tournament will be released shortly.

Step it up:
We are looking for members who have time in the Clan to step up and take charge. ConFed needs members who are loyal, active, and dedicated to the Clan. We need more people who can host in Clan events, Tournaments, Set up Clan wars etc. This way we can have more than just a Weekly Clan Scrimmage and occasional Tournament. If you think you're interested go to "Contact Us" at the top and let us know what you're interested in and why.

Each time we get a new Keeper, or Masters player they leave shortly after joining. ConFed is looking for dedicated, loyal, and active High Diamond/Masters players to step up and take on a role of pursuing a Keeper position within the Clan. We are in need of a way to quickly reboot the Keeper team. Keeper Daedalus is our new Dessicator and he should be looked up to by our fellow more serious players.

I'd like to point out a few members who have went above and beyond their call of duty by helping to support the Clan financially. Oblivion has donated $43.00 to the Clan, JDman has donated $25.00, Zmic has donated $1.00. Members who donate receive receipts showing where their money goes. Please Salute these individuals when you see them online.

Remember, this is our Clan. Only a combination of us members working together towards a common goal will drive this Clan into the future. So keep playing, keep recruiting, and you will end up with a positive outcome. 

Thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 342 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/December/15


We're making a couple of Clan changes that are taking effect immediately. 

Due to increased activity and Clan membership being capped, we are lowering the allowed time to pass your Cadet Test from 20 Days from joining to 15 Days. 

You must attempt and pass the test within 10 days from your test date, or you will face removal from the Clan. EX: If you joined on March 12th your test date would be on March 18th because that is 5 complete 24 hour days not including the day you joined. You'd then have until the 29th to pass your Test. You can see these changes reflected in the Academy.

2) We are removing win requirements for all promotions. You no longer need wins to advance in our Inter-Clan Ranking structure.

3) At the end of every month we always complete an "Inactive List" of members and place those who are considered inactive under suspension. EX: If you are considered "Inactive" your website group will be changed to "Inactive" and your name will be removed from our Rosters page. You will keep your awards and account, however you will be removed from "The Confederation" Clan channel (Which removes your [ConFed] Tag). You will still have access to our group channel but you will be no longer considered a member of the Clan. Once you're active again, you may petition to be "Voted" anonymously back into the Clan by High Command and retain your previous Rank.

Currently, in order to be considered Inactive you must meet a combination of the following 3 criteria; 30 days no last promotion, 30 days no last game played, 30 days no last website log in. We are removing the current rule and replacing it with the following, 

In order to be considered Inactive you must meet the following 2 criteria; 3 Weeks (21 Days) no last game played and 3 Weeks (21 Days) no last website log in. This rule will be effective 12/01/13 and will be placed in our official Laws page.

Thank you,
President CrunChy

Views: 360 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/November/18


What a turn out for a Tournament! There was an upwards of 30 people in our Group channel and 20 people on stream watching! 

Every single person who participated in our 8th StarFleet Tournament played to their best while being friendly, organized, and following rules. But as in any Tournament it comes down to 2 players, the finalist.

TheBigTG and EdibleRex, both Gold League Zerg players made it to the finals. TheBigTG, whom had not a single game taken off him through the entire Tournament was looking very spirited and ready to go when it came time for the final Bo5. EdibleRex, having a good start did manage to get a game taken off him during the RO8 Set but he still pushed onward and made it to the finals.

Despite EdibleRex's effort and confidence, TheBigTG managed to win 3 games in a row against EdibleRex which would give him the victory and the 15 Dollar Prize.

TheBigTG will receive a 15 Dollar Visa Gift Card, 1 Gold Combat Pin, and 15 Reputation Points.

EdibleRex will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin, and 15 Reputation Points.

All players who signed up and showed on time will receive 15 Reputation Points.

Thank you to everyone who participated and those who were on the sidelines. Your outstanding performance and extremely good manner are unmatched anywhere else on

President CrunChy


Views: 380 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/November/05


Starting on Wedn
esday, November 6th, 2013 we will being hosting weekly Clan Scrimmage Nights. Each Scrimmage Night will take place on Wednesdays between the hours of 7-10pm EST.

Clan Scrimmage Nights are designed to get people online during a designated time frame to enjoy activities together. This means we want you to play with your Clan mates! It doesn't matter what you do, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, Custom Games, etc. We want you to play with each other and have a great time.

For each person who is online in between the hours of 7-10PM EST you will receive 15 Reputation Points and 1 Confederation Star. These points are used towards promotions. (See the Ranks page for details)

What do you have to do?
  • On Wednesdays between the hours of 7-10pm EST you'll need to visit "Clan Scrimmage" on the right hand side of our website. This will allow you to click "I'm In!" which lets us know that you're here, online, and who to issue awards to. 
  • Only use the "I'm in!" button on Wednesdays during the designated time or else you will not receive any awards!
So that's all you have to do! Be online, Click "I'm in!" and game with each other. It's really quite simple. Please don't forget that we offer TeamSpeak for everyone to chat outside of game text, information can be found under "TeamSpeak" in the navigation menu above.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 314 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/November/02


The State of the Clan Address is meant to be a News update as to the current "State" of the Clan for all Confederation members and those interested.

The Confederation has officially moved to a brand new public group channel known as "ConFed Community". The transition was seamless and well executed. Not only do we have a nice new channel with a limitless member cap, but the general public will now have access to our community that we have worked so hard to build up. 

The Confederation aims to be one of the most Stout, yet Respectful, Fun, and Organized Clans on We want to offer a place for players to relax and enjoy. Whether this be gaming or simply finding people to talk to. ConFed Community is a place to be.

We should start to find:
  • More people to play games with.
  • More people to talk with.
  • Tons of possibilities for new recruits.
  • Hold larger events.
  • The Clan will be healthier as a whole.

However this is going to take more time and effort than most of you may realize. Just because we have made our channel public does not mean people are going to come flooding in. We have to make ourselves known. 

How you can help,

Advertise! The easiest way to get our name known is by advertising in your games. At the start of your games a simple "Hey come check us out at channel: ConFed Community!"  is more than enough. Replying to threads on Starcraft 2 Forums and TeamLiquid is also extremely helpful. (Don't create new threads, we have that taken care of!)

Once we start getting a lot of new visitors we need to keep up our good reputation and put on a good first impression. First impressions stick. Once one person likes us, he/she will tell their friends, then they will tell their friends, etc. It's a never ending process. 

Players are welcome to be in our channel while not being a part of the Clan. However, if someone would like to join the Clan itself please direct them to someone who is able to recruit (CRA, High Command, Captain+, JCOS). Or direct them to our website and have them click "Apply Here" at the top right and someone will be with them as soon as possible.

The Confederation is a place to be on and we would love to have you. Please stop by our group channel "ConFed Community" and check us out today.

Thank you for your time,
President CrunChy
Views: 347 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/October/28



I'd like to recognize 3 individuals who have made a momentous impact on ConFed and s
erving in the Clan far above and beyond the call of duty.


This talented young individual has been with the Clan for many years. While attending college, spending time with family/friends, and always studying for that next exam, Oblivion manages to find time to be a part of our Clan. Oblivion is always active, helps out in the channel, recruits, and is a good role-model. The best interests of the Clan will always be the first thing on his mind. 
Which is why I am pleased to announce that Oblivion has become our new Confederation Domestic Advisor.

This has been a hard worked for promotion and Oblivion deserves every bit of it. Oblivion will be awarded with our Medal of Honor.


Through his efforts, Zmic has been a loyal member since near the re-opening of the Clan last year. Zmic has always done what's right for the Clan and continues to do so. While always moniotoring the channel, Zmic ensures that no foul play is taking place and that our laws are being followed by each individual in the channel.

I am happy to say that Zmic has been promoted to SSA Director. Zmic will be awarded with our Medal of Honor.


While Jacobis has only been in the Clan for two months, Jacobis has served the Clan well and has went far above and beyond the call of duty. 
Jacobis is constantly practicing with Clan members, trying to learn new strategies/mechanics, is always looking for someone who needs assistance with their play, and in general is a great member role-model. Our more hard-core gamers should look up to him.

All hail our newest Desiccator, Jacobis! Jacobis will be awarded with our Service Cross.

I strongly believe that working with these talented individuals will drive The Confederation into a positive future.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 348 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/October/26

Attention all Confederation members,

I am pleased to bring forward a major Clan change that is going to forever impact the way we work on

Beginning on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at 5pm CST/6pm EST we will be moving the entire Clan to a Public Group Channel! This channel will be known as "ConFed Community". From now on this will be our main channel where we will conduct our normal business. This will give the public access to our main channel.

Why are we doing this and what does this mean for the Clan in general?
  • More people to find/play games with (Clan and Non Clan).
  • More people to talk with.
  • Tons of possibilities for new recruits. 
  • We will be able to hold larger events, that of which will involve the public.
  • The way the Clan works will be healthier as a whole.
How will recruiting work?
  • Recruiting will work the same as before, except you will now be able to recruit Non-Clan members directly in our Channel. If someone in the channel would like to join, have them click "Apply Here" on our website and a recruiter will be with them shortly. Or if there is simply someone who can recruit in the channel, direct them to their attention. 
Will we still use "The Confederation" Clan channel?
  • Absolutely!! All current members MUST remain a part of "The Confederation" Clan channel. All NEW Cadets will still need to be invited to "The Confederation" Clan channel.
  • The reason for this is, those who are a part of "The Confederation" Clan channel will retain/obtain the [ConFed] tag. This is essential to tell who is in the Clan and who is Not when we switch to our brand new group channel.
  • We may also use the channel for Private Events/Meetings.
What about TeamSpeak and Forums, will we allow the Public to access those features?
  • No. TeamSpeak information will remain in "The Confederation" Clan channel News tab. Forums will remain to Clan members only.
Additional Information:

The "ConFed Community" will remain Private until it is officially time for the switch over. At the time of the switch, you will simply join the Group. This transition is meant to be seamless. 

If you notice when you go to a group there is an option to "Join Chat" and an option to "Join Group". The difference between the two is "Join Chat" simply allows you to chat. "Join Group" will make you a member of that group and the channel will automatically open when you log in to All Confederation members MUST join the group.

If we want to build our "Community" bigger then we need to advertise this! Tell your Clan mates, Bnet Friends, your game opponents, everyone!

If you have any questions regarding this change please visit our Forums here. Simply post your question and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time,
President CrunChy
Views: 414 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/October/19