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Views: 353 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/September/25


Big thank you to everyone who showed up on time and participated in our 7th StarFleet Tournament. As a whole the Tournament was very organized and well executed.

Let's not forget to congratulate our 2 Finalists Jacobis and ShazamPoof! These two players battled their way through the tournament 2-0ing each of their opponents. However when it came down to the Finals, ShazamPoof could not stand up to Jacobis's well executed and seemingly perfect builds. Jacobis winning against ShazamPoof 3-0.

Our First Place Winner Jacobis will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin on our website.

Our Second Place Winner ShazamPoof will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin on our website.

All players who showed up will receive 15 Reputation points on our website.

Thank you again to those who participated, helped manage the tournament (Oblivion), and tuned in to the live stream,
President CrunChy

Views: 349 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/September/15

All Confederation members,

We will be holding a Clan Scrimmage Night on Saturday, September 7th, 2013 in between the hours of 7-10pm EST. Everyone is encouraged to be online during these hours to play with each other and enjoy a good night!

Keeper DissidiaX will be online during these hours to help anyone who needs assistance with their play! If you have build order questions, problems against specific compositions or just need help fine tuning your play, DissidiaX will be more than happy to work with you.

What do you get for participating?
  • 15 Reputation Points
  • Training from DissidiaX
  • Playing with Clan mates you might not have played with before
  • Fun!
Captain TheBigTG will be in charge of ensuring this event runs smoothly. TheBigTG will be online during the full duration of the event to help get things rolling along and making sure that each member online receives Reputation Points.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield,
President CrunChy
Views: 338 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/September/01

Update - 08/17/13
The tournament will be ran as a 16 player tournament tonight! Each person will be placed against someone of equal league or skill level. There will be a live stream of tonight's finals VIA this website.
Big thanks to everyone who signed up!
Views: 522 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/August/10


All Confederation Officers (Rank Ensign or higher in the UMC) and all Keepers/CRA/SSA Personnel, we will be holding a private Clan meeting in a non-disclosed channel on TONIGHT! At 7PM CST/8PM EST. It is extremely important that those who can attend do indeed attend.

This meeting will be broken down into 3 portions A, B, and C.

Portion A

Discussion of a broad range of Clan related topics in which applies to all attendees. Estimated time 20 minutes or less.

Portion B

All UMC Officers will be asked to leave EXCEPT for JCOS/Keepers/CRA/SSA members. Discussion relating to Keepers, CRA, and SSA will be covered. Estimated time 15-20 minutes.

Portion C

CRA and SSA personnel will be asked to leave, leaving only JCOS left. In depth discussion of Clan related topics will take place. Estimated time 30 minutes.

After each portion there will be time for questions from each individual.

Once again it is extremely important that all who can attend to please do so. If you've been wanting to voice your opinion and get some inside Clan information this is your chance!
  • All who attend will receive 15 Reputation points VIA Website.

(Click below to let us know you're coming)

Views: 419 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/August/04


All Confederation members, I am calling upon you today to please stretch out and help support the Clan. We need your help to become bigger, and better!

How can you help?
  • By Recruiting/Referring people to join the Clan.

How do you do that?
  • Did you have a good game with someone? Message them after and ask them if they are interested in a Clan. If they are send them over to our website ( tell them to click "Apply Here" and to be sure to put you as their referral. 
  • Copy/Paste our website at the start of your games. (
  • Search through the official Starcraft 2 Forums under "Clans and Groups". Look for people who want to join a Clan and message them in game.
  • Copy/Paste our recruitment message in Public Channels. "Are you looking to join a fun, well organized, and exciting Clan? Well The Confederation wants you! Visit and Click "Apply Here" if interested."
What's in it for you?
  • For every single person that you refer who successfully gets recruited into the Clan, you will receive 15 Reputation points which help you rank up.
  • You get more people to play with!
  • A bigger community.
  • More forum activity.
  • Etc
The Confederation has a reputation to uphold as one of the largest, stout, yet respectful gaming communities in history. But we need a little help from all of you. You can not simply sit in the channel and expect our member count to grow. We all must do our part, chip in, and put a little elbow grease into recruiting more players to help our Clan stay healthy. If you can't help recruit, you can't be in ConFed.

Remember this is OUR Clan. Greatness can only be achieved by the teamwork of talented individuals. Every single member is a talented individual.

Once again, recruit recruit recruit!

Thank you for your time,
President CrunChy

Views: 368 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/July/22


All Confederation members, We will be holding a Clan Scrimmage Night on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 in between the hours of 7-9PM CST/8-10PM EST. Everyone is able to participate. Yes, even you wimpy Cadets.

What's a Clan Scrimmage Night you might ask? 
  • Clan Scrimmage Nights are designed to get people online during a designated time frame to enjoy activities together. This means we want you to play with your Clan mates! It doesn't matter what you do, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, Custom Games, etc. We want you to play with each other and have a great time.

What's in it for you?
  • For each person who is online in between the hours of 7-9PM CST/8-10PM EST you will receive 15 Reputation Points, and 1 Confederation Bronze Star. These points are used towards promotions. (See the Ranks page for details)

So that's all you have to do! Be online and game with each other. It's really quite simple. Please don't forget that we offer TeamSpeak for everyone to chat outside of game text, information can be found under "TeamSpeak" in the navigation menu.

Hope to see you all there, enjoying each others company, and having fun.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 396 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/July/19


Big thanks to everyone who showed up on time for the tournament. Our 5th StarFleet Tournament was a big success, loads of fun, full of good fights, and epic moments. 

ShazamPoof and Daedalus were our two finalist of the night. ShazamPoof reached the finals by going 2-0 against TheBigTG, and 2-1 against Moon. Whereas Daedalus 2-0'd TheODog and Machiavelli.

With each player being Zerg, the finals which were a Best of 5 came down to build orders and mechanics. Zerg vs Zerg is all about who can squeeze in more drones and still survive the intense harassment with remarkable micromanagement. ShazamPoof displayed these attributes diligently, completely all killing Daedalus 3-0. While Daedalus put up a fight, ShazamProof took the gold. 

  • ShazamProof will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin on our website.
  • Daedalus will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin on our website.
  • All players who signed up and were on time will receive 15 Reputation points on our website. 

Check out the live stream of the finals below!
(Skip to 4:30 for a quicker start)

Watch live video from zmic25 on TwitchTV

Once again thank you, not only to tournament participants, but to all Confederation members for showing up for the tournament and tuning into the live stream. Remember we want to make sure you have fun in our Clan. You can be assured that there is not one other Clan on all of battle net that is going to provide you with the atmosphere that ConFed can. Friendly, Fun, Encouraging, Organized, and sometimes Spontaneous are only a few of the qualities we consist of.

If you are a new visitor and are interested in wanting to be a part of our great community please click "Apply Here" at the top right of our webpage. The Confederation is an experience, not just a place.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 447 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/July/08


The State of the Clan Address is meant to be an update as to the current "State" of the Clan for all Confederation members, and those interested.

Since we jump-started the Clan back to life on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 we have seen consistent growth, and a maintained member cap of 100. We've had Weekly/Bi Weekly Tournaments, plenty of activity, and a lot of new faces. The Confederation is once again a premier Clan.

With that said, Summer is here, July is around the corner, School is out, College students are on break, and all is well. What does this mean for the Clan? Simple! will have increased activity, which results in more recruits, and heightened Clan activity.

However, we can only achieve this activity by working together as a Clan.

How can you help?

Always be in the Clan channel! Why? Because it looks better for new recruits. No one wants to join a Clan that doesn't have all it's members in the main channel. Advertise our Clan in your games. It is as simple as copying and pasting the website at the start of each match.

Have someone you liked playing with? Direct them to our website and tell them if they are interested in joining the Clan to click "Apply Here”. (Remember you get reputation points for every recruit you refer.)
Use TeamSpeak and Post on the Forums.

If you're reading this and you might be thinking about joining The Confederation, let me point out some things you're simply not going to find anywhere else but here. If you want to join click "Apply Here” to the right of this page.

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Tournaments
  • Extensive Inter Clan Ranking Structure
  • Organization unparalleled by any other Clan
  • Dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server
  • Active Forums
  • Professionalism

Don't forget if you plan to buy a Clan T-Shirt we need you to cast a vote telling me what size you are. This way we can order the correct amount of shirts in the right sizes. The poll is on the right side of this page.

What lies in the future for our Clan? This is a pretty easy question. More members, more Tournaments, bigger prizes, and more fun. The Confederation will always have the most organized, fun, friendly, and welcoming community on This is the way it's been for 17 years. No other Clan can stand up to our community. No matter what you like to do, we have a place for you.

I personally would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read this. Remember, this is YOUR Clan. Each one of you make up this Clan, and we would not be where we are today if it were not for the dedicated and loyal members this Clan consists of. We will continue to make our mark on and prove to the world that The Confederation is a premier Clan.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 435 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/June/25


As you all know we had our 4th StarFleet Tournament on 06/01/13. This Tournament was targeted towards lower skilled players, so participants were in leagues Bronze through Gold.

The Tournament was incredibly fun and exciting, not only for the players but for the viewers as well! For our first time we had a live stream up from Start to Finish!

When it came time to play the finals, there were only 2 players who remained.. Slakiv the Protoss and Kampfgiest the Terran! These two competed in a Best of 5 series for first place, Slakiv showed Kampfgiest that he knew his stuff better by all killing him in the tournament. The final score was 3-0 (Slakiv winning).

Slakiv will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin, while Kampfgiest will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin. Everyone who participated will receive 15 Reputation points on our website!

Thank you all for coming out to play, and tuning in VIA Live Stream.

If you want to help support the Clan financially, please donate. All funds go directly towards Clan support. The donate button is on the right hand side of this page.

Once again thank you,
President CrunChy
Views: 409 | Added by: CrunChy | Date: 2013/June/07