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The State of the Clan Address is meant to be an update as to the current "State" of the Clan for all Confederation members, and those interested.

Since we jump-started the Clan back to life on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 we have seen consistent growth, and a maintained member cap of 100. We've had Weekly/Bi Weekly Tournaments, plenty of activity, and a lot of new faces. The Confederation is once again a premier Clan.

With that said, Summer is here, July is around the corner, School is out, College students are on break, and all is well. What does this mean for the Clan? Simple! will have increased activity, which results in more recruits, and heightened Clan activity.

However, we can only achieve this activity by working together as a Clan.

How can you help?

Always be in the Clan channel! Why? Because it looks better for new recruits. No one wants to join a Clan that doesn't have all it's members in the main channel. Advertise our Clan in your games. It is as simple as copying and pasting the website at the start of each match.

Have someone you liked playing with? Direct them to our website and tell them if they are interested in joining the Clan to click "Apply Here”. (Remember you get reputation points for every recruit you refer.)
Use TeamSpeak and Post on the Forums.

If you're reading this and you might be thinking about joining The Confederation, let me point out some things you're simply not going to find anywhere else but here. If you want to join click "Apply Here” to the right of this page.

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Tournaments
  • Extensive Inter Clan Ranking Structure
  • Organization unparalleled by any other Clan
  • Dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server
  • Active Forums
  • Professionalism

Don't forget if you plan to buy a Clan T-Shirt we need you to cast a vote telling me what size you are. This way we can order the correct amount of shirts in the right sizes. The poll is on the right side of this page.

What lies in the future for our Clan? This is a pretty easy question. More members, more Tournaments, bigger prizes, and more fun. The Confederation will always have the most organized, fun, friendly, and welcoming community on This is the way it's been for 17 years. No other Clan can stand up to our community. No matter what you like to do, we have a place for you.

I personally would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read this. Remember, this is YOUR Clan. Each one of you make up this Clan, and we would not be where we are today if it were not for the dedicated and loyal members this Clan consists of. We will continue to make our mark on and prove to the world that The Confederation is a premier Clan.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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As you all know we had our 4th StarFleet Tournament on 06/01/13. This Tournament was targeted towards lower skilled players, so participants were in leagues Bronze through Gold.

The Tournament was incredibly fun and exciting, not only for the players but for the viewers as well! For our first time we had a live stream up from Start to Finish!

When it came time to play the finals, there were only 2 players who remained.. Slakiv the Protoss and Kampfgiest the Terran! These two competed in a Best of 5 series for first place, Slakiv showed Kampfgiest that he knew his stuff better by all killing him in the tournament. The final score was 3-0 (Slakiv winning).

Slakiv will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin, while Kampfgiest will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin. Everyone who participated will receive 15 Reputation points on our website!

Thank you all for coming out to play, and tuning in VIA Live Stream.

If you want to help support the Clan financially, please donate. All funds go directly towards Clan support. The donate button is on the right hand side of this page.

Once again thank you,
President CrunChy
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Our first Official Clan T-Shirt has arrived in the mail today and I am looking for some feed back before I order in mass quantities!


• 6.1 oz 100% Cotton Tee(Pre-Shrunk).
• Taped neck and shoulders.
• Double needle stitch through out. 

So here is the question. How much do you love ConFed, it's organized community, regular Clan events, and it's unparalleled effort to make sure that you have fun? Would you buy this T-Shirt to help support the Clan if it were priced in between $15-20? This would include no tax and free shipping.

***Please Vote on the right of this page! I need everyone's honest opinions***
***If you would like to voice your opinion, please click here*** 
All profits will always go directly towards Clan Support***

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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There comes a time in everyone's life when they decide to step up and take on a role of more responsibility. Today I am making this person aware to everyone in The Confederation.

Oblivion, a Confederation Legend and your current Admiral of Fleet 1 has been serving The Confederation for many years. Oblivion is a great member role-model as he is well mannered, never spams in channel, or disrespects other players. Not to mention that Oblivion is always on top of getting new recruits, promotions, playing with UMC personnel and doing things for the Clan not only through game, but outside of game as well.

Responsible for overseeing the entire UMC Branch, The Fleet Admiral Rank has been vacant for a few years now, until today. There is only one Fleet Admiral and this post is considered among the most prestigious ConFed has to offer. It is with great honor to announce our newest Fleet Admiral of The Confederation, Oblivion.

We should all look forward to working along side this young and talented individual in the mind set of moving The Confederation forward into places yet unknown.

Everyone please give him your best Salute when you see him in the channel.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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Thank you to all Confederation members who were online and active for the In-Clan Scrimmage! It was amazing to see nearly 30 people on all at the same time gaming and playing together. We are here because we love StarCraft, and when we do what we love together it becomes much more than just a game.
Everyone who was online and were labeled as "Active" at 7PM CST/8PM EST will receive 15 Reputation points as well as 1 Confederation Bronze Star on the website.

Once again Thank you! You can expect our next Tournament to come soon. Stay tuned for details!

President CrunChy

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Talk about epic! Our first Confederation Galactic Battles since the Clan reopening (March 12th, 2013) took place on Friday, May 3rd, 2013. Lets just say, if you didn't come or didn't show up, you missed one HELL of a Tournament.

With a Razer Goliathus Full Extended Mouse Mat on the line all the participants played exceptionally well! Only 2 made it to the finals,  but everyone else gave it their all!

KiWiKaKi and AeVeus were our two finalists in a Best of 7, each fighting to prove who is best and for the chance to win a full desk sized gaming mouse mat. KiWiKaKi came out victorious but AeVeus did not make this an easy task for him.

I want to point out something, KiWiKaKi is a random player who does not play "Ranked Ladder" games. Kiwi ONLY plays custom games. Somehow..Someway, KiWiKaKi managed to out play against AeVeus in every match up! ZvZ, PvZ, and TvZ. Each game was exciting and exhilarating to watch.

KiWiKaKi will be receiving 1 Gold Combat Pin Award and 1 Razer Goliathus Extended Mouse Mat.

AeVeus will be receiving 1 Silver Combat Pin Award.

Everyone who showed up on time will be receiving 15 Reputation points.

I would like to thank every single person who came out to play in our first Confederation Galactic Battles. The Confederation Galactic Battles is one of our premier in-clan only tournaments. Check out the Tournament Recap video above!

Thanks again,
President CrunChy
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I want to give all members of The Confederation an update as to the current "state" of the Clan. First let's give a little back information.

The Confederation has been around for a long time. 17 years, starting back when Diablo 1 was around. This Clan has had its ups and downs, as all Clans do during their lifetime. The peak of the Clan was during Starcraft Brood War with the member count in excess of 500. The Confederation was the largest Starcraft gaming community on the East Coast. The old Battle net had a wonderful channel and Clan system, however when Wings of Liberty was released alongside the new Battle net there were NO clan features. As a result, Starcraft Clans all around the world suffered, things grew stagnant for a long time. Then a glimmer of hope arose, Heart of The Swarm was coming, with full Clan support!

Our doors were officially re-opened on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013. Since that day, The Confederation has maintained a constant growth and rising interest across the entire Starcraft 2 Community. 

The Confederation has a lot to offer it's members not only in-game, but out of game as well. On top of Weekly/Bi-Weekly Tournaments that are offered, there is an entire Ranking structure built within the Clan. Visit the Ranks page to find out how you can move up within the Clan itself. No matter what you like to do, we can ensure you'll find a place in The Confederation.

Let's point out a few things that you're not going to find anywhere else but The Confederation. Don't forget, all of these features are provided to you free of charge.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Tournaments.
  • Extensive Inter Clan Ranking structure.
  • Organization unparalleled by any other.
  • Dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server.
  • Active Forums.
  • Well mannered, fun, and encouraging environment.
  • Professionalism.
  • Team Set aside for the most skilled players.
I would love to see The Confederation continue to grow and become bigger, better, and leave it's mark in the history of Battle net. It is not me who makes this Clan what it is today, or any other sole individual. It's you, yes that's right you. All of you working together, gaming, and just having fun are the driving force behind The Confederation.

I encourage all Confederation members to reach out and help support the Clan. How can you do this? Simple, just advertise and get the Clan known more. It can be as simple as a copy/paste (Cntrl+v) of our website ( your games. Or by messaging someone you had a good game with and asking them if they are interested in joining the Clan. If said person is interested in joining just have them come to our website and Click "Contact Us" and to put you as their referral , a ConFed recruiter will be with them shortly. Remember, each successful Clan invite will result in you getting 15 Reputation points which helps you Rank up in the Clan.

Who can you go to for Promotions, Cadet Test, Questions, Comments, Concerns, or anything Clan related?
President CrunChy
Admiral Oblivion
Captain Faded
Commandant JDman
DSgnt Moose

If you would like to support the Clan even more click the Donate button to your right, everything goes towards the Clan in terms of Website hosting, TeamSpeak, and Tournament Prizes; however this is completely optional and not required at all. If you are a guest on our website reading this and think The Confederation might be for you, click "Contact Us" at the top and a ConFed recruiter will be with you shortly.

With that said. I would like to extend my thanks to each and every Confederation member for being a part of our community and helping to drive the Clan forward. I would also like to thank the entire JCOS team for helping to run the Clan. We have many fun events lined up for the future, our next event will be a 32 man Tournament with a prize from Razer(More details on this to come).

Thank you,
President CrunChy

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Confederation StarFleet Tournament #3 Results (4/20/13)


Thank you to everyone who showed up today for the tournament on time and ready to play! We had some exciting games today as our higher level players fought each other with a wide array of different strategies. 

KiWiKaKi and QuantumLimit were our finalist to play against each other in a Best of 7. What a Best of 7 this was! Quantum, our Terran player did manage to outplay game 1 against KiWiKaKi. Both of these players are great, however with the advantage of playing random and a generally superb understanding of the games mechanics resulted in KiWiKaKi coming out on top. 

QuantumLimit will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin Award on our website. 
KiWiKaKi will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin Award on our website. All Confederation members who participated will receive 15 Reputation points on our website for showing up on time.

You can view the full Bracket Results as well as a cast of the finals on our Events page.

Thank you all for participating. Thank you to AeVeus and Janiper for Casting our finals. ConFed is full of lively well mannered players. See you next time,
President CrunChy

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Thank you to all tournament participants who showed up on time and ready to play. It was different to have a Lower League (Bronze-Gold) focused tournament. We had some amazing good games for this tournament. It was nice to see some players make it farther then they would have if any league were aloud to participate. However, out of those that played only two players made it to the finals. 

TheBigTG and Karnage were the last two players remaining. These two played a Best of 5 for the finals. All the games that were played were exciting and full of fun, and epic moments. Only one of these two formidable opponents made it to the end however. TheBigTG had just what it took to win the Best of 5 by winning 3 matches in a row. TheBigTG went undefeated through the whole tournament, a complete all-kill victory.

Prizes: Our First place winner (TheBigTG) shall receive 1 Gold Combat Pin. Our Second place runner-up (Karnage) shall receive 1 Silver Combat Pin. Everyone who signed up and showed on time received 15 Reputation points.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

Once again, thank you to everyone for showing up. Everyone was well mannered and fun to participate with.

See you at our next tournament,
President CrunChy
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Wow what a Tournament!

Our very first tournament since the Clan re-opened was a huge success. I would like to thank everyone who participated, as you all put up a good long hard fight. However only 2 people, Santa and AeVeus, out of 16 people fought it out till the end. Only 1 was victorious, Santa. 

Our First Place Victor, Santa, will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin award. Our Second Place Runner-Up will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin awards. Every single person who participated and showed up on time will receive 15 Reputation Point.

The final games between these two competitors were out of control! Back and fourth non-stop action. The Final Score between these two ended up to be 3-2 with Santa being the victor. You can download the replays below. You also can find the full Bracket results on the Events Page.

Game 1 (AeVeus wins)
Game 2 (AeVeus wins)
Game 3 (Santa Wins)
Game 4 (Santa Wins)
Game 5 (Santa Wins)

Once again, thank you everyone and I hope to see you next time!

President CrunChy
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