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Cadet Test

Remember, to become an official member of the Clan you must take and pass your Cadet test. The test consists of 10 questions covering basic laws, rules, and principles of our Clan, all of which can be found on the "Academy" section of the website. Once you have been a Cadet for 5 full days and achieve 5 Career wins you may ask any CRA member, Captain or above to give you the test. If you pass you will secure Rank: Private and a Ship. If you do not attempt the test within 15 days from your registration/join date you may face expulsion from the Clan. Only official members will be allowed to take part in Clan events.

The purpose of the Cadet Test is to ensure that everyone in the Clan wants to be a part of the Clan and will take some of their time to learn about it's rules, and structure.

Here is a list of current available members that can test you.

President CrunChy
Commandant JDman
Admiral Oblivion

Thank you for taking the time to read,
President CrunChy
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