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Clan Updates 11/18/13


We're making a couple of Clan changes that are taking effect immediately. 

Due to increased activity and Clan membership being capped, we are lowering the allowed time to pass your Cadet Test from 20 Days from joining to 15 Days. 

You must attempt and pass the test within 10 days from your test date, or you will face removal from the Clan. EX: If you joined on March 12th your test date would be on March 18th because that is 5 complete 24 hour days not including the day you joined. You'd then have until the 29th to pass your Test. You can see these changes reflected in the Academy.

2) We are removing win requirements for all promotions. You no longer need wins to advance in our Inter-Clan Ranking structure.

3) At the end of every month we always complete an "Inactive List" of members and place those who are considered inactive under suspension. EX: If you are considered "Inactive" your website group will be changed to "Inactive" and your name will be removed from our Rosters page. You will keep your awards and account, however you will be removed from "The Confederation" Clan channel (Which removes your [ConFed] Tag). You will still have access to our group channel but you will be no longer considered a member of the Clan. Once you're active again, you may petition to be "Voted" anonymously back into the Clan by High Command and retain your previous Rank.

Currently, in order to be considered Inactive you must meet a combination of the following 3 criteria; 30 days no last promotion, 30 days no last game played, 30 days no last website log in. We are removing the current rule and replacing it with the following, 

In order to be considered Inactive you must meet the following 2 criteria; 3 Weeks (21 Days) no last game played and 3 Weeks (21 Days) no last website log in. This rule will be effective 12/01/13 and will be placed in our official Laws page.

Thank you,
President CrunChy

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