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11:37 PM
ConFed Wins CTL Season 16!
Congratulations to all our players who have played so well this season! Relive your glory by watching this epic cast of the finals by PiG and Maynarde and keep practicing for season 17!


HoneyBadger: @everyone Here are Season 16 stats! Congrats to @broketail for an ASTOUNDING first season grabbing ConFeds MVP FOR SEASON 16!!! @PuntaKill also had a killer first season and does deserve a round of aplause, he took out many players that the community said he had no chance. ConFed never stopped believing, we never stop practicing! Huge shout outs to @praiise @Legend @Smiles for a season that they should be proud of. Even though @Kira and i have had a down season, it just means we have something to work for next season. Congrats @broketail for getting the MVP and the 5+ wins in a season award through CTL! I dont wanna see a sophmore slump, ya here?  That goes for you too @PuntaKill


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