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ConFed Community

Attention all Confederation members,

I am pleased to bring forward a major Clan change that is going to forever impact the way we work on

Beginning on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at 5pm CST/6pm EST we will be moving the entire Clan to a Public Group Channel! This channel will be known as "ConFed Community". From now on this will be our main channel where we will conduct our normal business. This will give the public access to our main channel.

Why are we doing this and what does this mean for the Clan in general?
  • More people to find/play games with (Clan and Non Clan).
  • More people to talk with.
  • Tons of possibilities for new recruits. 
  • We will be able to hold larger events, that of which will involve the public.
  • The way the Clan works will be healthier as a whole.
How will recruiting work?
  • Recruiting will work the same as before, except you will now be able to recruit Non-Clan members directly in our Channel. If someone in the channel would like to join, have them click "Apply Here" on our website and a recruiter will be with them shortly. Or if there is simply someone who can recruit in the channel, direct them to their attention. 
Will we still use "The Confederation" Clan channel?
  • Absolutely!! All current members MUST remain a part of "The Confederation" Clan channel. All NEW Cadets will still need to be invited to "The Confederation" Clan channel.
  • The reason for this is, those who are a part of "The Confederation" Clan channel will retain/obtain the [ConFed] tag. This is essential to tell who is in the Clan and who is Not when we switch to our brand new group channel.
  • We may also use the channel for Private Events/Meetings.
What about TeamSpeak and Forums, will we allow the Public to access those features?
  • No. TeamSpeak information will remain in "The Confederation" Clan channel News tab. Forums will remain to Clan members only.
Additional Information:

The "ConFed Community" will remain Private until it is officially time for the switch over. At the time of the switch, you will simply join the Group. This transition is meant to be seamless. 

If you notice when you go to a group there is an option to "Join Chat" and an option to "Join Group". The difference between the two is "Join Chat" simply allows you to chat. "Join Group" will make you a member of that group and the channel will automatically open when you log in to All Confederation members MUST join the group.

If we want to build our "Community" bigger then we need to advertise this! Tell your Clan mates, Bnet Friends, your game opponents, everyone!

If you have any questions regarding this change please visit our Forums here. Simply post your question and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time,
President CrunChy
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